IT Director/Developer Off hours (Evenings and Weekends)

AVAILABLE   |   Contract   |   Remote Only   |   US   |   Posted on May 23, 2019

46 Years total RPG Experience, RPG (IBM 1130, 3 Years,High School), RPGII (System34, System 3, Wang VS, Total 19 Years), RPGIII,RPGLE,RPG Free (AS400, 24 years).

Available for off-hours opportunities (Evenings and Weekends).

My Specialties

Currently employed as IT Director/Developer with experience in multiple verticals (Logistics, Manufacturing and Distribution, Insurance, etc).

Hands on IT Director whose responsibilities include IT planning, acquisition, design and development.

Very strong application designer/developer with equally strong interpersonal skills.  Very user oriented.  Strategic, long term, thinker.

Technical strengths: RPG (all levels including Free), Subfiles, CL, DB2, SQL, EDI (Cleo.Extol EEI, AS2/FTP).

After 46 years of programming, I still possess that "Fire in the Belly" when producing results.


Geographic Preferences:

  1. On Site SouthCentral PA
  2. Remote All Other Areas of USA