Principal IT Business Systems Analyst

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Started my career in Burroughs machine as a computer operator , got into AS/400 in 1992 - working full time in AS/400/ibm e-seires/ibm iseries/ibm i from 1996

Passion to this machine had not moved away from this platform  - so amazed how this machine has transformed to

love working in this machine

Started to work by giving support on BPCS in 1996 , then to JDE A7.3 for 16 years from 1998 to 2014 - involved in A/R upgrade of JDE A7.3 to A9.4 between 2014 to 2017 - currently working in Infor LX (BPCS 8.3.3.) from 2017.

involved in converting gentran - pc based product to EXTOL EDI in ibm i - november 2006 to april 2007 (around 200 partners) - and then design , develop and support extol edi till oct 2014


My Specialties

JDE A7.3/A9.4 - sales order / A/R / and a little of A/P / PO's/ WMS

Infor LX (BPCS 8.3.3)  - SHop orders / Inventory


web tools in ibm i using cgidev2 - with javascripts/rpg programming



Geographic Preferences:

  1. USA - MA India - Chennai
  2. Mumbai
  3. Bengaluru - Remote work Remote work elsewhere

Security Clearances:

  1. None