IBM i Systems Admin

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•     15+ years’ experience in the IT field supporting offshore and remote clients, including Lead Senior Technical Analyst with outstanding troubleshooting abilities

•     Excellent communication, consulting, presentation and training skills, relaying pertinent information to management

•     Skilled in requirements gathering and documentation to develop sound business solutions, client service focused

•     Strong needs analysis, planning, organizational, and time management skills, meeting and excelling expectations

•     Coordinated projects, prepared system requirements, time and cost estimates, highly motivated, goal results-oriented

•     Kept schedules, successfully negotiating amendments to needs, presenting cost analysts and staying within budgets

•     Experienced team leader and coach, motivating and educating individuals to achieve corporate and personal goals  

•     Effective interpersonal skills, including the ability to interact professionally with people from diverse backgrounds

•     Versatile, adapting readily to evolving priorities and change, committed to continuing professional development

•     Continual and progressive learner/ people skills with desire and dedicated communication skills; oral and written

•     Effectively mentored people, using time management organizational skills, possessing well-developed public relations

•     Excellent interpersonal skills; team player with well-developed analytical, monitoring and problem-solving abilities

•     Adept with performance tuning, disk space management, PTF management with a strong capacity of planning, security, disaster recovery, troubleshooting, implementation, documentation, assessment and Operating System upgrades

•     Extremely results-oriented, energetic with the a strong with ethics, co-operative, conscientious as well as resourceful

My Specialties



Senior Technical Analyst


•     Migrated multiple AS/400(IBM i) environments at different OS levels to Power Hardware and created upgrade paths  

•     Layed out, sized, configured and installed multiple AS/400’s(iSeries, IBM i) and Power Hardware as well as HMC’s, Operations Console and Image Catalogs.

•     Planned, implemented hardware/software support and modernize databases SQL, ZEND PHP, RDI, Websphere and Java        

•     Designed, Implemented and Managed Object level Security and User ID’s on IBM i/OS systems to satisfy audit requirements.

•     Successfully and meticulously designed, configured as well as implemented IBM i hosting IBM i systems via HMC

•     Analyzed multiple Systems; purchased Systems for growth as well as configured Third-party Software and upgrades

•     Business analysts oversaw corporate reporting, requirements gathering and development and process improvement

•     Sized and purchased systems, productively ran company’s systems and led Canadian office migration to IBM i on Power

•     Liaised between Information Services and user community to ensure user issues, concerns addressed and resolved

•     Software Strengths including researching such as installing, configuring and upgrading Apache Instances, RDI, BRMS, BRMS Network, Advanced Job Scheduler, Ops Nav, PM400, Performance Navigator(MPG), iDoctor, Systems Director,  Robot Job Scheduler, Mimix, Double Take Share, TurnOver, Aldon, Skyview Risk Assessor, Skyview Policy Minder, iJrn, DBU, ZEND PHP, TrustedLink EDI,   RJS Batch Report, RJS iSeries Native report Converters, RJSIFSTOOL, RJSIMAGE, RJE Report Splitter, RJS OFFICE, TAATOOLS, Ops Nav. Client Access, ACS,  etc.


IBM i(AS/400, iSeries) Systems Administrator     


•     Designated as the IBM i Technical go to person for 23 developers working on in-house frontend Apache and backend Database’s running on 9 IBM i platforms, including IBM i hosting IBM i partitions, frontend Apache for web services

•     Managed and oversaw yearly upgrades of Hardware and/or Software planning and implementation based on trends

•     Third-party software management, and upgrading requirements which include HMC; Tape Library and IBM i firmware

•     Security Administrator and Support i5 HMC attached partitioned environment, hardware and software management

•     Supervised and administered IBM (AJS/ BRMS/Webshere etc., HMC and third-party software upgrades, patches, firmware, System Automation as well as capacity planning and documentation as required and necessary

•     Disaster Recovery (Implementer of testing), high availability planning with Data Warehouse and Business Continuity

•     Meticulously designed and implemented complete object level security to compile with PCI, Health and Security acts

•     Implemented and managed Change Control using TurnOver or Aldon.

•     Knowledgeably and professionally designed Security to secure data on a global scale

HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS:  Continued                                                                     RAYMOND J. RHYNO




Business and Technical Analyst (Onsite Engineer)


•     Intensely supported iSeries (AS/400), Client Server Operating System, TCP/IP Network and/or Software and Hardware

•     Made certain of correct Technical Operations Support, capacity planning, Security, Data Base Management and I.T

•     Audited services to safeguard and align the clients’ information technology department with its business direction

•     Ensured proper installation of Thin Clients, PC Software /Hardware as well as Point of Sale (POS) support a required

•     designed, managed and upgraded the AS/400(iSeries,IBM i) Technology

•     Upgraded IBM i/OS ; removed an 820 installing a partitioned 810 to house multiple supply warehouse so data could be accessed quickly. 

•     Analysis network traffic and configured the switch to handle the workload

•     Solid understanding of TCP/IP protocols, machine performance and business processes determine the bandwidth

•     Designed Technical strategy to combine region environments into a single production environment Designed included object security, development, change management, support, quarterly maintenance and Disaster recovery with High Availability based on I.T frame work, taking an active role implementing the data cleanse

•     Upgraded ptfs, firmware and assisted in the implementation of itera’s Echo2 Take High availability for an Intesys client

•     Helpdesk Support for POS and retail stores applications running on the AS/400 and Client server database via TCP/IP protocols (i.e – FTP, Ethernet, Telnet, Passthru, DDM, 5250 and 3270 emulation etc.…) for Clients.

•     provided holiday relief technical support responsible for Mimix, Backups and end user support for AS/400

•     vastly supported installation of thin clients, printers, configuration and Technical support for the database migration from an OS/400 mid-range environment to an IBM MVS Mainframe environment for Client

•     OS/400 Software, Hardware upgrades, partitioning, capacity planning and Performance Analysis

•    PC end user software installation, OS upgrades and PC configuration, Patch level Updates, supporting, virus software updates, TCP/IP, Router configurations, Network support and support activities for OS/400 and PC settings


Technical Support Analyst, Help Desk


•     Provided Technical Support Analyst for the database, management for capacity and security for PC, Network; AS/400

•     Responsible for delivering timely high level Technical Support and Help Desk functions meeting company expectations

•     Was highly pro-active and re-active in technical trouble shooting for mission critical security and disk space issues

•     AS/400 resource Management, planning for multi-client workload(s) support and monitoring MQseries processes

•     Quarterly and yearly planning of hardware/software upgrades, logical partition creations/ management, capacity planning and security to meet the clients’ needs and designed backups, disaster recovery, batch processing for growth 


System Coordinator / Mainframe Computer Operator


•     Responsible for ensuring high functioning systems with key clients (Kraft, Workers Compensation and CSP Foods)

•     Held accountable for assisting in ongoing network, PC and AS/400 Operations support for multiple Canadian offices

•     Systematically installed and accurately maintained JD Edwards financial systems, Robot Job Scheduler and Robot Alert

•     Operated IBM and Amdahl mainframes running MVS; JES2, Omegamon, productively oversaw batch processes

•     Monitored and trained numerous junior personnel; assisted Network Analyst/performed production control duties




Ontario University Application Centre     IBM i Systems/Security Administrator                   Guelph, ON                         2010-2017

Mondial World Access                                   IBM i Systems/Security Administrator                   Kitchener, ON                    2005-2010

Systems Managers                                          Business and Technical Analyst                                  Global                2001-2005

Merrill Lynch Canada                                      Technical Database Support Analyst                         Toronto, ON                       1998-2001

Saville Systems                                              Technical Business Support Specialist                     Markham, ON                    1996-1998




CDI College                                       Network and Internet Security Specialist                                Mississauga, ON                2008

IBM Certified                                      Technical Solutions Implementation                        Mississauga, ON               1996


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