Alexsandro Bianchi REQUEST RESUME

Backup & Job Scheduler Senior Engineer

AVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   Contract   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Sep 04, 2020

Accomplished, solutions-focused IT professional with vast experience in Data Center operations and job scheduling automation, Hands-on leader excels at managing large-scale business transformational projects of diverse complexity from inception to satisfactory completion. Effectively leverage business dynamic environment acumen and technical knowledge to architect and provide solutions to diverse customer’s automation job scheduling requirements. Strong analytical and quantitative skills coupled with ability to identify areas of concern and recommend practical solutions to efficiently architect workloads that increase system stability and staff productivity.  Fluent in English and Spanish.

My Specialties

ROBOT Scheduler, Network, and Console, IBM / HCL Automation Tivoli Workload Scheduler TWS, IWS, Tidal Workload Scheduler, BRMS: Backup and Recovery Management system, Virtual Data Domain, MIMIX, AS/400, Unix, Linux, Windows.

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Miami-Dade
  2. Broward
  3. Remote.