Sr. Operation Analyst

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  • Experienced with setting up Group and User profiles using Active Directory
  • Monitored. Reported and logged opened trouble tickets for JD Edwards issues
  • Experienced as an AS/400 iSeries Senior Computer Operator Analyst
  • Experience with VPN. Setting up users and troubleshoot user issues.
  • Familiar with Cloud Computing Essentials.
  • Familiar with Windows server 2008.
  • Familiar with Installing and configuring Windows Server 2012
  • Familiar with Linux Operating System 
  • Experience with VMware: Worked on server reboot issues. Starting and stopping programs and User authentication issues.
  • Knowledge of desktop Operating System
  • Knowledge of Desktop Hardware
  • Familiar with Introductory to Network Security.




  • West Wood College School of Technology
  • Virtualization/ iCloud  -   03/2014.
  • Computer Processing Institute  10/87 - 10/88
  • Diploma- Computer Operations.
  • Sacred Heart University               1980 - 1982



  • AS/400 iSeries System Administration and Control. IBM Certified
  • AS/400 iSeries Advanced System Operators Workshop. IBM Certified
  • AS/400 iSeries Operating System/400 Structure, Tailoring and Tuning
  • Remedy Certified.


Technical Skills:

  • Operating Systems: AS/400 iSeries. Mainframe. Unix. Windows Server: 2003/2008/2012 .
  • Ancillary Skills:  PowerPoint: Microsoft Word: Access: Excel, Remedy. VPN. Active Directory. Solar Winds. Site Scope.
  • Smarts: Communication Monitoring Tools for Networks.
  • Candle: Communication Monitoring Tool for all Systems in Europe and USA.
  • Remedy: Help Desk Application Tool used for reporting and escalating Trouble on Systems and All Networks.
  • Tec: A Reporting Tool for submitting all System errors. Technical and Production, Auto Sys. Control-M. VMware experience. Networking
  • Experience: Windows Environment (2003/2008), Linux (Red Hat). Solaris (Sun/Oracle)

Hardware: IBM4341 Harris Terminal. AS/400, S36, S38, Philips 1802, 1803.



Work Experience:



09/01/2018 – 01/31/2019

Senior Console Operator                               UPS Technology Campus.


  • Monitored and responded to events on system consoles.
  • Troubleshooted and resolves mainframe and production control
  • Responded to incoming calls from Information Services (I.S.) Help Desk representatives.
  • Supported teams to assist with resolving incidents and events.
  • Implemented standard procedures and managed incidents
    in the production environment
  • Maintained knowledge of critical applications and error
    recovery procedures.
  • Supported daily operational procedures to maintain
    24x7 environment service levels
  • Responsible for interpreting computer generated messages, determined
    appropriate actions, and followed the standard procedures.
  • Responsible for implementing production system schedules changes to
    successfully complete and adhere to the change control guidelines.
  • Responsible for internal and external customer support and
    interaction with vendors to resolve issues.
  • Monitored the production environment for alerts.
  • Provided Incident Support, including communications, trending and
  • Documented incidents with appropriate level of detail in trouble
    ticketing system.
  • Interacted with I.S. Teams and Infrastructure Vendors.
  • Supported Troubleshooting and Analysis of production incidents.
  • Administered and Supported Basic change control.
  • Administered and Supported Basic change control.
  • Worked under general supervision selected from written
    instructions and established procedures to accomplish assigned tasks.         
  • Responsible for routine and regular contact with employees within and outside of the work unit requiring explanation, discussion and interpretation.




11/01/2016 – 01/19/2018

                        NOC Analyst II                                  Global Payments Inc.


  • Responsible for Monitoring all aspects of Global Payments Infrastructure.
  • Responsible for monitoring both Network and Application.
  • Responsible for working trouble tickets and escalation as required.
  • Utilize a wide range of Tools to detect, diagnose and trouble shoot incidents.
  • Responsible for trouble shooting skills within a wide range of security, switching and routing hardware, including but limited to Checkpoint. Juniper. Cisco and F5 LB.
  • Worked with Windows/Unix OS and Active Directory/DNS Administration.
  • Monitored with such tools as. Zabbix. SolarWinds. Monolith. SiteScope. Remote Desktop and Checkpoint.
  • Monitored Network and Utilized tools to monitor Network uptime and availability.
  • Utilize basic LAN, WAN and trouble shooting concept, including coordination with multiple cross functional teams internally, and working with Telecom vendors on circuit support.
  • Identify and document trouble shooting and resolution steps and training.
  • Responsible for written and verbal communication skills in order to convey status and resolutions to a wide range of audiences.



            11/11/2013 - 10/30/2016                 SITA Aerospace Technology Inc.


  • Operation Support Analyst


  • Supported VMware with users that experience server issues. Responsible for server reboots and other user authentication issues.
  • Provide Service Operations support to internal and external customers in accordance with the terms of the customer contract and SLAs. Ensure shortest possible restoral times possible, initiating the timely escalations to specialized Resolver groups inside and outside SITA, according to the customer contracts and SLAs and monitoring requirements.
  •  Support escalation for DR(Disaster Recovery) ER’s(Emergency Response)
  • To proactively detect events related to Service Operations services, conduct diagnostics, provide service request ownership to
  • Assure resolution of customer Issues in a timely fashion.
  • Set up VPN new users and trouble shoot existing users.
  • Reporting and escalating all observed incidents to proper SITA operational escalation points
  • Monitored and Supported Change Management Processes.  
  • Worked with Citrix in setting up access to various menus.
  • Monitored and worked with Site-Scope. Worked on resolving and escalated issues depending on severity..
  • Monitored and worked with Solar Winds in resolving Issues. Worked on resolving and escalated issues depending on severity.
  • Worked with Active Directory in setting up User and Group access and authorization and permissions.
  • Provide a professional support and assistance to SITA customers to understand their issues and open incidents for resolution by the SITA support organization with all the relevant and required information.
  • Attempt resolution of incidents at level 1 whenever possible and diagnose possible incident cause for referring incidents to the right resolver group.


04/11 - 11/13                                     Interval International.


Senior Operation Support Analyst /Help Desk


  • Responsible for issuing User profiles for I-Series.
  • Responsible for Setting up user profile in Active directory and Citrix.
  • Security Admin for EMC Systems. Monitored and reported all problems                   with the Servers and Backups.  
  • Monitored all Computer Systems running programs On-line.
  • Monitored and supported AIX. Unix Systems
  • Submitting jobs for Batch Control of job output.
  • Monitored System Consoles for messages logbooks or operating records.
  • Maintained and list all jobs run and events that occur during shift.
  • Support escalation for DR(Disaster Recovery)ER’s(Emergency Response)
  • Responsible for output from printer, disk drives and tape drives as needed.  
  • Worked with Citrix to Monitor and reboot and start server services on a daily basis. Troubleshoot all issues.
  • Responsible for security offsite storage of Backups. Disaster Recovery.


10/10 - 3/11                                        Contract Agency


           Assigned to: Litton Loan Mortgage Servicing

  • Title: Operation Support Analyst


  • Contractor under Extreme Technologies Inc.
  • Monitored AS/400 I Series and LAN Networks.
  • Monitored and supported AIX. Unix Systems
  • Responsible for reporting production errors via e-mail and telephone within a given Service Level Agreement time.
  • Responsible for Processing ACH Lockboxes and troubleshooting errors by contacting the different Vendors.
  • Performed Disaster Recovery procedures and testing schedules as needed.
  • Responsible for Submitting and processing jobs using the Software TIDAL.
  • Support escalation for DR(Disaster Recovery) ER’s(Emergency Response)
  • Responsible for submitting AS/400 Before and after End of Day Save Files using Tidal software.
  • Responsible for the AS/400 and Windows Network Security Password Resets.
  • Responsible for performing a series of AS/400 Queries using Tidal software.
  • Responsible for the Nightly Maintenance process.
  • Responsible for ending the Sub-Systems on the Primary and Back systems.
  • Responsible for rebooting LAN servers.
  • Worked with Citrix to Monitor and reboot and start server services daily  to troubleshoot Server issues.




08/08-10/10                           Contract Agency


  • Assigned to: IBM
  • Title: Senior Operation Support Analyst        
  • Monitored AS/400.LAN Networks and UNIX Mainframes.
  • Created error logs on all systems and Reported problems using Vantive and Remedy Software
  • Performed Daily Disaster Recovery Tape Rotation for offsite Storage pickup.
  • Responsible for Restoral Request on a ADHOC basis
  • Responsible for issuing Software Application Password and Documentation.
  • Support escalation for DR(Disaster Recovery) ER’s(Emergency Response)
  • Performed Daily Request on Jobs in Auto Sys..
  • Performed Daily Request on Batch Jobs in Control-M.
  • Performed Daily. Weekly and Monthly AS/400 iSeries Backups.




6/08 – 8/08                                        Contract Agency.

  • Assigned to: McKesson
  • Title: Operation Support Analyst


  • Contractor under Unisys.
  • Monitored LAN Networks and UNIX Mainframes Reported any issues to Manager.
  • Created error logs on all systems.
  • Performed Daily ERA and Load Temp FTP’s



8/06 – 3/08                                        Contract Agency.

  • Assigned to:  Coca Cola Enterprises Inc.
  • Title: Senior Operation Support Analyst


  • Monitored all network Servers.
  • Worked with Citrix  to Monitor and reboot and start server services on a daily basis.
  • Reported all system problems
  • Support escalation for DR(Disaster Recovery) ER’s(Emergency Response)
  • Performed Daily. Weekly. Monthly and Yearly system backups
  • Responsible for Level 1. 2 and 3 Trouble Tickets.
  • Worked with Production Planning on day to day issues.
  • Maintained all communication devices.
  • Lines and Controllers.
  • Handled technical service calls.
  • Rebooted network servers and handled maintenance calls.



8/02 – 8/06                                        Contract Agency

  • Assigned to: General Electric Consumer Finance
  • Title: Senior Operation Support Analyst
  • AS/400 Security Administrator
  • Continued to perform same task as a Contractor.



2/98 – 8/02                                      GE Consumer Finance,

  • Title: Senior Operation Support Analyst
  • AS/400 Security Administrator
  • Worked on AS/400 iSeries
  • Work with Auto-Sys Batch Monitoring.
  • Worked on System S36 for Four years six months.
  • Worked on Philips Optical System 1802 and 1803.Handled system
  • Problems and placed service calls on all Platforms.
  • Processed the Daily Business Payments and Write-off Transactions.
  • Sent and received Daily data and FTP to the AS/400 iSeries
  • Processed and sent Credit Bureau Information to all Credit Bureaus weekly.
  • Duties included Security Administration on AS/400 Iseries.
  • Support escalation for DR(Disaster Recovery) ER’s(Emergency Response)
  • Monitored and supported AIX. Unix Systems. Escalated issues to respective groups.
  • Created User profiles and Password for two different systems.
  • Responsible for System upgrades on AS/400 iSeries
  • Responsible for the ordering of the Latest Cumulative Packages. PTF’s (Program Temporary Fixes)
  • Monitored. Reported and Recorded opened trouble tickets for JD Edwards issues
  • Responsible for maintaining and making sure. Communication lines. Controllers and all Devices are up and running.
  • Purchased all software needs for the Systems.
  • Handled Daily and Weekly. Yearly system Backups.
  • Performed Initial Program Load on all Platforms.AS/400 iSeries and S36.
  • Faxed Commercial Transaction confirmation write-off Daily reports.
  • Worked on GEMS systems.
  • Troubleshoot and resolved User and group profile issues.
  • Created Device descriptions. Configure and set up IP printers.
  • Processed Archiving Data on AS/400 iSeries to Optical Systems.
  • Monitored All LAN Servers. AS/400 iSeries and Unix Systems



3/96 – 2/98                                        Cox Communications, INC.

  • Title: Senior Operation Support Analyst
  • Senior Production Analyst.
  • Performed System Backups and mirroring duties on thirteen AS/400 midrange systems.
  • Monitored. Reported and logged and opened trouble tickets for JD Edwards issues
  • Monitored All AS/400. LAN Servers and UNIX Systems.
  • Duties included working with Production and Batch jobs priorities.
  • Performed daily and weekly LAN and Production AS/400 backups.
  • Worked with Control-M
  • Created devices and configurations for Personnel Computers. Printers and Terminals.
  • Support escalation for DR(Disaster Recovery) ER’s(Emergency Response)
  • Created and maintained service Log on all Hardware failures.
  • Ordered all computer operation software and hardware.
  • Produced modified backup of the accounts payables and receivables monthly closings.
  • Implemented training course for new recruits.


Organizational Awards:

  • General Electric Spotlight on Excellence Award – (2 Times) only 4 of 250 people received this award on a quarterly basis.
  • General Electric OVATION Award – (24 times) for Perfect attendance. And Peer-to-Peer nominations for going above and beyond.

My Specialties

Andre S Charles



Dear Hiring Manager,

I feel that my skills and experience are a great fit for this position. Please feel free to contact me to arrange an interview. I am looking forward to learning more about this opportunity. As you can see from the enclosed resume. I have a strong background in Information Technology. I have a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and respect for confidentiality.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the position as well as my skills and experience. You can reach me by telephone at 470-235-8191. Email:@


 Andre S Charles

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Georgia

Security Clearances:

  1. None