Director, Consumer Systems

AVAILABLE   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on May 07, 2019

I once boldly stated, "Anything that can be solved with software, I can solve using subfiles and RPG!" I was wrong, of course, as most computer operating systems don't use RPG or subfiles. Still, I stick to my statement while my coworkers smile to my face and roll their eyes when I’m out of the room. I have, however, throughout my programming career, solved many business challenges using subfiles and RPG, and it was those adventures that formed the inspiration for my first two books, Subfiles in RPG IV and Subfiles in Free-Form RPG. 

I have since traded in the compiler for the meeting room and although I no longer codes business solutions myself, I manage development teams and keep myself current on today's software development technology. I currently lead web and mobile development teams as well as a Salesforce center of excellence and prior to that I managed ABAP developers on SAP. I helped train them when we moved from RPG and the AS/400 to SAP. 

That said, my fondest memories of my career were when I was coding in RPG and writing about the experiences. I’d like to get back to that world and now on top of the RPG programming and writing skills I gained the first 25 years of my career, I’ve added other, more current, technologies and leadership to the mix. I would be well suited to help with application modernization or integration between the AS/400 and other technologies. I’ve successfully helped with those projects in the past.

My Specialties

  • Technical Leadership
  • Data Analysis
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Application Architecture         
  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Budget Control
  • People Management
  • Relationship Management         
  • Innovation Leadership
  • Customer Service 
  • Communication Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Client/Vendor Management         

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Remote
  2. New Orleans

Security Clearances:

  1. Secret Security Clearance with Northrop 1988