IBM i Professional (RPG, COBOL, CL &SQL programming and project management).

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For more than twenty five years, I have employed my specialization in application development and data architecture to satisfy business demand for critical information in the IBM I ( iSeries, AS/400) environment for enterprise-class organizations. I have demonstrated success in developing and supporting quality business applications and have brought cumbersome, legacy data models into streamlined, efficient relational databases that will return value long into the future. I have refined legacy applications to take advantage of modern data access methodologies that greatly speed processing times and decrease the drain on resources all while maintaining the lowest invasive footprint in the existing application landscape. I possess a deep understanding of how to use my skills to deliver enterprise solutions that meet the requirements of business and mentor professionals of a skilled team to help meet our goals.

My Specialties

My expertise includes intuitive interpersonal skills, robust analytical skills, and proven hands-on skills with many application suites as well as SQL, RPG, COBOL and other database development and management tools for multiple platforms. I am highly skilled in solution design, application development and support, data modeling, data architecture, and database development and support. I possess a solid track record for training, mentoring, and working within teams of technical professionals with varied levels of experience.

Specialties: Application Development, Data Architecture, Legacy Data Model and Application Modernization, Database Design, Database Development, iSeries (AS/400) Modernization Specialist, EDI

Geographic Preferences:

  1. USA
  2. Tennessee
  3. remote