Sr. Software Engineer

AVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   Contract   |   Remote Only   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Nov 19, 2020


I am a senior level functional and technical expert on the IBM i with 25 years experience in architecture, development, and modernization. I have 25 years experience with RPG; 10 years ERP, 10 years CRM, & 12 years in telecommunications. I have managed a multi-location IT department, lead a development team, and participated heavily in design and development.

I am very knowledgeable with CRM, telecom service order flow, telecom Plant systems and automation, including CLEC LSR order automation. I am also very knowledgeable with JDE ERP distribution modules (sales order processing, manufacturing bill of materials, routings, inventory, shipping, warehousing, purchasing. I have managed a full JDE implementation and have worked on many customizations for sales order processing and manufacturing, including product configurator.

My Specialties

20 yrs. RPG III, ILE RPG IV, RPG Free (modular, RPGLE service programs, OS APIs), CL, CLLE

10 yrs. IBM i Java, PHP, HTML5, Net.Data, QShell scripting, PASE, COBOL, DDL, SQL, Web Server, WAS, Actionscript Flash, e-commerce integration, JDBC, IBM i Toolbox for Java, QShell, Korn Shell, and Bsh/Bash Shell Scripting, SSH / Putty emulators (colors and windowing)

20 yrs. IBM i  OS400 v3r1 to v7r3 networking, administration, configuration

13 yrs. DB2, DDL, SQL, Embedded SQL, Relational & Check Constraints, Stored Procedures,  SQL User Defined Functions, User Defined Table Functions, SQL Json_table() function

10 yrs. Rest Json & SOAP Web Services, WSDL, XML, XSD, Oxygen, SOAPUI, ESB, WAS

10 yrs. CRM DPI Telecom Application (Service Order Processing, Switch & DSL Provisioning, Billing, Promotions, Telecordia USOCs, Outside Plant Service Qualification, POTS, DSL, DSLAM, Wholesale LSR LSOG, SID, Scheduling, Pricing, Promotion, Discount, and Contract Pricing

10 yrs. J.D.Edwards ERP Distribution, Manufacturing, Purchasing, A/R, G/L, Sales Order Processing, Billing, BOM, Routing, Standard Cost Roll-Up, Shipping, WordSoftware A7.3, One-World XE, World-Writer, FastR, DD, UDC, VO, Advanced Pricing, Product Configurator, AAIs, Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, full ground up installation, customization and end user training.

13 yrs. RDi, Arcad Change Managemet, X-Analysis, Aldon, Turnover, Implementer

10 yrs. Websphere MQ Series, EDI X-12, FTP, TCP/IP Socket Layer Programming, FFM, PCML

15 yrs.  Agile, Waterfall, SDLC, HLE, Dev, QA, UAT, & Prod support, Defect resolution

25 yrs. Software Engineering, Architecture, Design, Integration, Conversion, Development, & Modernization, Requirements Gathering, and I communicate well with the business.

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Remote
  2. Lake Mary Florida

Security Clearances:

  1. U.S. Citizen