Hemalatha Baskaran REQUEST RESUME

Technical Specialist

AVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   Contract   |   Recruiters OK   |   IN   |   Posted on Nov 24, 2017

Working in iSeries/AS400 technlogy for the last 7+ years. I am available and can join .

My linked in profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hemalatha-baskaran-486b6a34/

Please reach out to me to discuss further. Appreciate your message/contact.

My Specialties

Working as Iseries Administrator at HCL Technologies in India. Managing 100 + servers on the Asia Pacific Region . Mostly Banking - Financial records processing Servers. 

Excelled in below Iseries Technologies:

Third Pary Replication : Mimix, Itera, OMS/ODS, IBM i Power HA

Job Scheduling tools: RBO, Native Scheduler, Halycon Software.

Activities well versed includes:
Vios Creation for IBM i and sharing of I/O Disks, Tapes, FCs.

Expertise in troubleshooting Virtual Backup technology with EMC - ExpertData Domain 

Expertise in multiple OS upgrades.

Done multiple Migrations of power servers , Mimix Upgrade, Disaster Recovery (Both Native and BRMS)

Handling BRMS management, TCP/IP Management, Journaling, Remote Journaling, Restorations. Saves/Backups, Control Groups in BRMS. 

BRMS Network,. and media Management.

Worked actively along with EMC support for the Data Domain systems connected with ibm i. 
Worked along with SAN Vendor for the configurations of Luns, Disks addition, Disks removal, Virtual Disks using VIOS.

Downloading Fixes from Fixcentral periodically - typically 3 months once IBM releases the CUM Package. 
Too handy in trouble shooting the Fix Errors like CUM Not Installed or not loaded. 
Handy in removing the Error PTF (LIC) before they get apply permanently.


Worked Extensively along with Vision Solutions for various issues with Mimix Replication Software, Itera Replication issues, OMS/ODS replication.


Worked on Multiple Power System Models.
Aware of the new enhanced Capabilities Like Power VM, LPM, Shared Processor,Shared Memory Management.
Worked extensively on HMC and Redundant HMC.
Know about VIOS Machine and the OS.

Involved on Power system migration from Power 6 to Power 8.
Restored ALLUSRDTA and performed Network configurations during Migration
Extensively worked on a production system move from one data center to another in US. 

Expert in Hadling RBO Job scheduling tool.
Used all the tools of RBO Product.
Used RBO/Save product to create control groups and to perform saves.
Used RBO/Network to create a connection from iseries to remote desktops.
RBO/Perform to increase the performance of ibm i system to a better level.
RBO/Alert tool to create alerts for specific alerts and configured the call-in-home facility. Also used SMS facility.
Created Group jobs, Reactive jobs, Dependant jobs,

Have wide knowledge on IBM I native scheduler. Performed Multiple functions like scheduling jobs and so on.

Worked on Halyon Job Scheduling tool for a particular customer on UK.

Geographic Preferences:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Europe