System Admin/System Engineer

AVAILABLE   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Mar 02, 2017

In addition to my resume, I have lead and/or worked on a various projects over the past 20+ years to include Disaster Recovery with SOX and system security administration, performance including iDoctor, Websphere 6.1, High Availability with Visions VES and Mimix, BRMS including Vio’s Partition to DS8700, and Support and Administration of BPCS infor ERP-LX, Kronos 6.1 Upgrade and Administration, &  SAP/JDEdwards conversion. I also have experience with System Administration including HMC, partition resource management and configuration, Tivoli Monitoring 6.2, OS/400 upgrades V5R4 V7R1 including PTF’s Movex/Java, Aurora/System 21, and refresh of Power Systems.

My language experience includes proficiency in CL, RPG DS IV, SQL with DB2 and Oracle. I have spent considerable time the past 16 months with RPG ILE, Java, PHP, Python and Powershell Scripts on Linkedin, Google+, and various forums.

I have had the opportunity to work in several Global Environments to include relocation to Sweden and Australia, and the decommissioning of 80+ servers in 30+ different countries.

My Specialties

•  IBM System i

•  AS/400

•  Troubleshooting/Debugging

•  AS/400 Control Language (CL)

•  SQL

•  DB2

•  RPG

•  HMC

•  IBM Query

•  LAN Console

•  SST

•  SOX


•  iTera (Mimix)

•  Program Temporary Fix

•  CDC (DataMirror)

•  Operations Navigator

•  DBA

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Charlotte
  3. Atlanta
  4. Florida.