Director - Application Development/QA

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Unfortunately I have to insert a disclaimer here:

Before you contact me please understand that I'm NOT a developer, I'm in a leadership role and have been for years.  Unless you're wanting to fill a Director/VP position or higher I'm not the right resource for you.


I'm an experienced and accomplished IT executive looking for a place where I can make use of the skills I've developed and my drive to succeed – a place where I can dig in and make a difference until I retire in 20 years.

I am currently responsible for the Applications Development, QA and Support teams for the $7B arm of a global distribution company.  Previously I worked as the AppDev/QA leader for a medical revenue cycle management company. My primary purpose was to help them develop and migrate to a modern (Microsoft – C#/SQL Server) tech stack. I architected the system at a high level and provided guidance to fill in that architecture. I developed an 18-month road map with milestones to help us stay on track.

A previous accomplishment was leading a large team to set up a SaaS (Software as a Service) product allowing us to complete a $650M sale of 127 branches in 11 states to Lendmark Financial. This sale was mandated by the Department of Justice in order for us to acquire our largest competitor, OneMain Financial. I was given 6 months to create a product that would allow Lendmark the ability to originate and service new loans as well as the loans they purchased from us. We completed our work on time and provided support until Lendmark migrated off our system to their own. This project has required long-term coordination with a wide range of technical and non-technical people of all levels: infrastructure and application development groups, DOJ monitors, senior management of both Springleaf (now OneMain) and Lendmark, etc.

I have also created a web development department at a small shop allowing us to securely deliver information to customers in formats they desired. I created development and documentation standards based on industry best practices to insure the products we delivered were secure, robust and met the users needs. The web based software we created ran on Linux/Apache/Tomcat/PHP/Java systems and interfaced with RPG software we wrote on IBM i's (aka AS/400's and iSeries) as well as external web services written in C# and Java on Windows servers. My background of developing both “legacy” software as well as object-oriented web software was a huge benefit to me in this endeavor.

I've been leading people since 2006 and a big part of my work life is helping people grow, to accomplish their goals and bring greater stability and versatility to my employer. I've found that the best way to keep a team productive is to make sure they know they are valued, that I'm listening – and acting – on their feedback. I make sure they have what they need to succeed and there are no barriers in their way. My extensive development background has been extremely helpful in leading my teams and working with others from all areas of IT. I've performed server administration duties, created data warehouses and written code in many languages on a wide variety of platforms.

I've worked directly with decision makers and executives for well over a decade, I enjoy collaborating with others to develop plans to achieve the goals given by senior leadership. I have managed both on-shore and off-shore (and on-site and off-site) resources working with providers like TCS, Cognizant and CGI.

My Specialties

I have history in the Finance, Transportation and Health care verticals though I'm interested in challenges in any industry.

I think the IBM i is an outstanding platform. In the 20 years I've been working on the platform I've never seen it's match when it comes to capabilities and ease-of-use.

I've managed teams using a wide variety of technologies (IBM i - COBOL and RPG, Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL, C#/SQL Server, etc.) and have a strong development background myself using all flavors of RPG (II, III, ILE and free-form), PHP, Java, C++, etc.

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Missouri