Programmer/Analyst RPG Free, RPG IV, COBOL/400, SQL, RPG III

AVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   Contract   |   Remote Only   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Mar 08, 2020

Strong and proven program development experience, projects management, user interface, teaching & communications skills. • Ability to learn and adapt to new systems and languages. • Creative, innovative, and thorough.• Works well under pressure. 


My Specialties

  • RPG Free, RPG ILE, RPG II thru IV                                          24 years experience
  • COBOL Mainframe & COBOL/400                                            18 years experience
  • SQL + other query languages                                                    12 years experience
  • iSeries, Power Series, AS/400, plus related job control, file systems, editor. 30 yrs
  • IBM Mainframe and related job control, file systems, and editor.                    16 yrs
  • PL/I, Assembler, XML, APL.                                                      each 2 to 4 yrs exp.
  • Java, HTML, WordPress                                                                   private use only
  • Software packages include MAPICS, Infinium, Manhattan, T.L. Ashford, Elite, etc.
  • Change Management Systems, various, including Aldon, Turnover, Change Man.
  • Other packages: Websphere Development Studio, Eclipse IDE, Visio, Excel, ROBOT, XPEDITER, DEBUG, Abendaid, SpiceWorks, Sharepoint.‚Äč
  • Industries / Environments: Manufacturing, Repair, Warehousing, Inspections, Distribution, Import / Export, Retail, Catalog Systems, Invoicing, Accounting, Health Care, Accruals.

Geographic Preferences:

  1. 180-mile radius of Albany NY.
  2. NY
  3. VT
  4. MA
  5. NJ
  6. Remote Anywhere