Software Engineer IBM i - RPG Free, RPG IV, SQL, RPG III

AVAILABLE   |   Contract   |   Remote Only   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Mar 02, 2020

Career "IBM Midrange Developer". I have developed software beginning with release 2 on the System/38. I worked for IBM in Atlanta as a Contractor on the Silverlake project which was the effort to bring the System/38 over to the "New" AS400 in 1988.   
PLATFORMS: IBM Power Systems / IBMi / AS400 / RPG Multiple Back level Releases up through V7R3.

Companies I have worked for as a Programmer/Analyst:

IBM / Georgia Pacific / Cox Communications / Genuine Parts Company (NAPA) / Patient Logic / Ryerson Metals / Orkin Pest Control.  

Recent project work I have been involved in:

Convert Ryerson Metals Accounts Payable system from a manual hard-copy check printing system to feed as electronic payments to both Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

Design and write an Item pricing upload application (DB2 to Excel) for Ryerson Metals Materials Parts Pricing department.

Design and wrote Inventory Visibility Cross Platform (visual interface) to provide Ryerson Metals Purchasing department with inventory balance cross referencing capability between the company’s IBMi and SAP systems.

Design and wrote a new Material Acquisition Planner inquiry system for Ryerson Metals Purchasing department.

Design and wrote a new Purchase Order and Stock Transfer online fast-path entry system for Ryerson Metals Purchasing department, these new modules were later  interfaced into the Material Acquisition Planner inquiry system.

Co-design and wrote a proprietary sales commission tracking system for Ryerson Metals sales department.

Design and write Automated Purchase Order cost update system (visual maintenance front-end with nightly batch update back-end) for the Ryerson Metals Purchasing department.

Design and wrote numerous Accounts Payable cash management applications in support of Ryerson Metals Accounts Payable department.

Multiple SQL software solutions developed (DDL) to replace antiquated existing OPNQRY software for Ryerson Metals.


My Specialties

SOFTWARE:  Aldon, Rdi, Apis, Db2, Rpgle, Rpg/Free, RpgIV, RpgIII, Sql, Embedded Sql,
Stored Procedures, Cl, Clle, Dds, Rdpi, Pdm, Seu, Sda, Rlu, Query/400, Dbu, Hawkeye, Robot,
S36EE, Ifs, Ftp, Ddm, Snads, Sdlc, Dfu, Aldon, Remedy, Cleo Lexicom, X-Analysis, Windows 10,
Os400, Dos, iNavigator, Qshell, Excel, Word, Visio, Progen

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Southeastern USA

Security Clearances:

  1. Have passed all background checks when requested.