Rick Beethe

Business Architect; Previously Development Supervisor

UNAVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   Contract   |   US   |   Posted on Aug 20, 2019

Very excited about the IBM i !!  I love this platform. 

We converted to the IBM i from a Honeywell Bull DPS-7000 prior to Y2K. We were a service bureau with clients across the nation so I am familiar with dealing with competing clients needs/requests. We were able to convert all the code and wrote a program to convert the Honeywell JCL to IBM i CL programs resulting in a very standardized set of CL.

Our software, written in COBOL, serviced broker/dealers in the securities industry.

Subsequently I continued to work on the IBM i and our company was bought by Scottrade and we continued to operate as a service bureau for awhile until Scottrade decided they wanted to bring us completely in house and drive the other customers to other service bureaus.

I was responsible for 6-8 developers in a supervisory capacity but due to my longevity with the organization I was also responsible for "the rest of the system" until we started breaking pieces off. 

Our team at that time was also tasked with exposing our code to Java front end and .NET front end through service oriented architecture.

During the acquisition to TD Ameritrade I was part of an Agile team to complete the multi billion dollar customer conversion which was balanced to the penny.




My Specialties

  • Code Deployment: Turnover, MKS
  • Development: SEU, Eclipse
  • Agile: CA Rally, JIRA (Both Kanban and Scrum), trained in SAFe 4.0
  • MS Windows, Word, Excel, Visio, Project, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint
  • Confluence, SharePoint, Remedy
  • Slack

Presently learning Business Architecture. Willing to consider all offers.

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Colorado
  2. Willing to travel
  3. Possibly Relocate