Consultant / Programmer / Analyst

AVAILABLE   |   Contract   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Mar 27, 2019

I am a US citizen born and raised in Montana.  I am currently supporting customers from Florida to Washington state.  One of my biggest customers in Texas recently took too big a bite of the elephant and choked on it.  That leaves room to take on a few new customers for large or small projects.

I am available for some travel but not full time.  All travel is at the customers expense.

My Specialties

My specialty is solving puzzles.  

1. Programming - RPGLE, RPG IV, RPG S36, Cobol, CL SQL, display files, overlays, EDI, etc.

2. System Software including OS Upgrades and System Recovery - Local or remote

3. System Hardware - installation, upgrades, even some new hardware  (I need to be on-site for this)

4. Review of your software vendors Hardware Proposal - I have saved customers 10's of thousands of dollars in pointing out unnecessary hardware the vendors have proposed.

5. General consulting / review of your business and it's Information Technology needs.

6. Education, Mentoring and overall promotion on the IBM i computer system and programming languages.  Yes I am an AS/400 bigot.   There is no better platform or operating system out there.

7. Infor APLUS, VAI System 2000, Banking Systems, Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospital


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