Michael Fuentes REQUEST RESUME

Senior Systems Analyst - AS/400 - iSeries

AVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   Contract   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Jan 14, 2018


Below is a summary of my qualifications:

  • Senior level Systems Analyst with a proven track record in project support.
  • Service Desk/Data Center support specialist.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting system issues and communicating resolutions to affected Business Units.
  • Provided SME (Subject Matter Expert) support to the Help Desk and the Operations team on system related questions.
  • Hands on experience in working with PC’s, Laptops, Printers, Workstations, MS Office, Windows 7 and 10.
  • In my previous role as an IT Systems/Business Analyst, I validated new and existing functions, identified and analyzed end-user issues, provided support through standardized processes, tools, workflow analysis, and testing, to ensure end-user requirements were fulfilled.
  • Customized software to meet business needs including performing all work necessary to maintain/add new products, services, and documents as they were approved by management.
  • Identified areas of opportunity and provided recommendations for system enhancements.
  • Senior level experience on IBM iSeries (AS/400) Systems and as a Network Operations Analyst.
  • Worked for leading technology companies: Frontier Communications, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle Corp.

My Specialties

IT Support Specialist                                                                   

iSeries/AS400 | Business Management | Project Controllership

Accomplished and results oriented IT Support Specialist/Business Analyst with demonstrated success in IT process management. Motivated achiever with a demonstrable ability to recommend enhancements to business processes. Proven track record of building cohesive teams to achieve specific goals in challenging environments. Recognized for attention to detail, adherence to standards, and expert technical background. Innovator, accustomed to focusing on total organizational coordination, resource management, and supervision of high-performing teams.

  • iSeries/AS400 OS Proficiency
  • Technically Proficient
  • Systems Integration
  • Effective Communication
  • Service Desk Support
  • Billing Database Support
  • Senior Office Clerk Skills
  • MS Office Proficiency
  • Business Systems
  • Problem Solving
  • Technical Analysis
  • Project Management


Frontier Communications, Rochester, NY                                                       02/2012 – 01/2018

Sr. Systems Analyst | iSeries - AS/400

  • Provide Tier 3 AS/400 support for all end users, addressing acute requests in a timely, organized, and customer service-oriented manner. Performed computer hardware and software related functions to support end users and the Information Technology staff under the supervision of the Computer Operations Manager. Monitored all AS/400 test & production systems CPU%, active jobs, disk utilization, job queues, out queues, printers, communication lines, etc.
  • Supervised the maintenance of the ROBOT SCHEDULE billing platforms, support of 13 different environments across the U.S. with over 11 million customers, development of daily/weekly meetings, and conceptualization of company billing documentation for IT processing.
  • Worked closely with Business Subject Matter Experts (Applications, Bill Verification, Data Warehouse, BAU-System Testers, Environment Management, System Administrators, Financial, and Change Management) to ensure the production systems were running their submitted jobs in addition to troubleshoot any issues they may have encountered. Incident Management and Ownership for production issues. Monthly Code Release support to elevate DPI software changes.
  • Act as primary point of contact for the IT Operations Call Center Monitoring team. SME for all BILLING scheduling questions/issues, job failures, and DPI platform customer requests/inquiries.
  • Change Management, NGS Query, Real Vision Imaging, Quality Center for testing defects, Remedy ticketing, usage of Windows 7 Enterprise operating based desktops & laptops.
  • Annually resolved 1700+ requests for service via BMC REMEDY ticketing system.
  • Completed on-call rotations of 24x7x365 for applications and data center support.


Oracle Corporation, Rochester, NY                                                                  02/2006 – 02/2012

Desktop Support / Systems Engineer | iSeries - AS/400

  • Provided Tier 2 AS/400 support while streamlining the support for innovative projects such as job scheduling, ROBOT job setups, CL programming, job conflicts, and error messages.
  • Incident Management/Ownership for DPI BILLING platform issues.
  • BAU and integrated System Testing on test systems and use of Quality Center for defects.
  • Orchestrated production support for 34 telecom companies in 11 environments.
  • Worked with System Administrators to schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and Adhoc system backups and saves via ATL’s (Automated Tape Libraries) via use of Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS) tape product. BRMS monthly tape balancing and maintenance.
  • Worked with external vendors for solutions and service calls as needed.
  • Ongoing SOX auditing requests as well as yearly compilation reports for auditors.
  • Indirect Supervision of Data Center Operators as SME of testing and billing platforms.
  • Trained on Disaster Recovery for all IBM iSeries systems.
  • Completed on-call rotations of 24x7x365 for applications and data center support.


Frontier Communications, Rochester, NY                                   09/2000 – 02/2006  

Senior Network Operations Analyst/Desktop Support | iSeries - AS/400

  • 3rd Shift Senior Team Lead in Operations involved in the hiring of new staff, setting up work schedules, and holding Operators accountable for all nightly processing.
  • Tier 2 Support for IBM AS/400 and Mainframe 3090 systems in a secured state of the art data center, monitor production and test systems via master consoles.
  • Run daily/weekly/monthly billing schedules for 34 telecom companies throughout the U.S.
  • Resolved end user inquiries on all software, hardware, and LAN/WAN related issues via HEAT ticketing product, network connectivity support and troubleshooting, and conduct various diagnostic testing to help troubleshoot any system issues.
  • Printer Setups & Troubleshooting, Modem Usage/Maintenance, User Workstation Setups, User Profile Security Maintenance, Polling of Raw Switch Data, Archiving of Data, and Tape Drive Maintenance.
  • Run Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Adhoc saves via standalone cartridge tape drives or ATL’s.
  • Monthly systems maintenance (bring systems to restricted condition in preparation of “Initial Program Load” (IPL). Bring multiple systems back to normal mode afterwards and perform all system checks. Notification to multiple call centers after the completion of maintenance.
  • Developed training materials/procedures and trained end users on the proper use of DPI software.
  • Designated as the primary trainer for all incoming Operations Analyst.
  • Performed BAU and SYSTEM testing for the DPI BILLING platform.
  • Escalated issues to external vendors (IBM, EMC, Help Systems, Iron Mountain) along with escalations to internal teams - Applications, System Admins, and Production Support teams.


 EDUCATION & CREDENTIALS                        

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Technology Proficient in Setting Up and Troubleshooting Cellular Devices, iPads, PC’s, Laptops, Modems & Wi-Fi-Routers, Printers, RAM & Hard Drive installs & replacements, User Workstations, ROKU boxes, & Android TV boxes with KODI app.
  • Customer Service Expert with over 15 years of Help Desk experience.
  • Ability to multi-task and address customer needs on a tier basis.
  • Data Entry Keyboarding - 45 WPM
  • Microsoft Office Suite Certification, Element K and E-Learning Center, Rochester, NY
  • Documentation Expert
  • Bilingual in Spanish
  • Designated as the Primary Trainer for new employees (over 50 new hires trained)
  • ROBOT Certification (ROBOT/Schedule, Groups and Reactive Jobs, OPALS, Scheduling of Date Objects, ROBOT/Space, and ROBOT/Network), Help Systems Online Educational Services
  • Marketing and Business Applications, Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY
  • Computer Programming with Business, Stratford Business School, Rochester, NY

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Upstate New York area OR Remote