Sr. EDI Systems Analyst

AVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   Contract   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Aug 25, 2017

19 years experience on the iSeries platform in all its iterations.  Extensive IT experience in the Automotive Industry as an EDI Specialist, Programmer/Analyst, and Data Processing Manager.  Extensive EDI Project Management experience interfacing AIAG ANSI X-12, and UN/EDIFACT standards based EDI into Business Management and ERP Systems including most recently SAP and JD Edwards.

My Specialties

IBM AS/400    Extensive programming experience with the CL, CLLE, RPG III, RPG IV, and ILE RPG programming languages.  Experience designing and programming DDS for printer, screen, physical and logical files in both flat file and relational data base applications.  Knowledge of and experience with the OS/400 Operating System’s System/36 Emulation Environment.  Experience using Remote Job Entry (RJE), and utilities including FTP, SEU, PDM, etc.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)    Experience analyzing business requirements and creating specifications for the following EDI transactions: ANSI X-12 AIAG 810, 830, 862, & 856 and UN/EDIFACT INVOIC, DELFOR, DELJIT, & DESADV.  Experienced designing interfacing systems to create outbound EDI transactions from in-house generated data, and to integrate data from inbound EDI transactions into existing systems including JD Edwards World and OneWorld XE software, and the Agilisys (previously Brain North America) Trans4M software (a.k.a. SupplyWeb Enterprise) as well as a variety of in-house created and maintained systems.

SAP and Seeburger BIS  Experienced in setting up entities and processes within Seeburger BIS and in using Seeburger to map EDI documents into and from SAP.

JD Edwards    Extensive interface programming experience using the EDI Interface System (F47*) files.  Experience working with a JD Edwards OneWorld XE business implementation.

Future Three Release Accounting and Vendor Releasing   Extensive familiarity with the product including installation, administration, operations, and interfaces.

Inovis TrustedLink/400 (previously Harbinger EDI/400, and Peregrine TL/400)    Extensive familiarity with the product including installation, administration, operations, and map creation and maintenance using the Visual Mapper.


Geographic Preferences:

  1. Detroit MI
  2. Brighton MI
  3. Flint MI
  4. SE MI
  5. Ann Arbor MI