Timothy Hawkins REQUEST RESUME

Senior Programmer/Analyst

AVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   Contract   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Aug 23, 2017

Applications and systems programmer; with a successful track record of designing and developing innovative solutions to complex administrative, sales and distribution projects, resulting in bottom-line improvements using RPG IV, RPG/ILE, RPG/free and SQL, leveraging every facility available in the O/S and DB – against custom code, or packages like J.D. Edwards (JDE).  -- Project list available upon request --

Performance specialist; specializing in application, Database and system performance; simple solutions are usually cost effective, leveraged by an excellent understanding of Work Management, and application structures.

Documentation; Organizational skills, project planning, clear and concise communication via email, application documentation, user documentation, test and implementation documentation.

My Specialties

Performance               Technical mentor                    IBM API’s

IFS                                         Encryption                               DB design

System security                    Journaling/Triggers                Credit Card PCI

System programming          SQL/Query                              XML/FTP

ILE Activation Groups           RPG procedures                      Sockets

Geographic Preferences:

  1. California