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Cloud integration architect

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I am very well qualified having more than 19 years IBMi (AS400) broad and deep technical experience,

I have more than 27 years of cloud transition / enterprise architect, program / project management, business systems analysis, and application development / DevOps experience acquired in Fortune 50 companies and multinational organizations.

In total I've architected and deployed 28 new or relocated Enterprise Operations / Data Centers including full 24/7 HA/DR sites.

Industries: Manufacturing, transportation / distribution / logistics, government, financial / professional services, energy / utilities, and healthcare

Recent Experience Summary:
Cloud Transition and Transformation Integration Architect (TTIA)

IBM Global Services, May 2012 to Present

  • Lead Delivery Architect working regional/global engagements. Deals ranging from multi-million to billion dollar TCV.  Provided technical leadership and was responsible for RFP development, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and new process development.
  • Responsible for analysis of contract, services, technical requirements, client infrastructure, Power systems, and cloud services deployment.
  • Performed cloud / hybrid cloud data center relocation requirements analysis, new data center build-out, storage implementations, and architecture related consulting / planning / troubleshooting.  Most recent are significant cloud environment integrations / deployments.
  • Identify opportunities to deploy suitable best of breed technical solutions improving customer competitiveness and leadership in their sector. Utilize leading edge technologies to deliver enterprise solutions for diverse, fast paced, and constantly evolving organizational workloads.



IT Manager, Strategic IT / ERP / Web services, iSeries Systems architect

American Business Group, January 2009 to May 2012

  • Enterprise ERP iSeries systems architect, business applications, and application development for 4 business units: Trading, Transportation / Logistics, Distribution, and Food Grade certified warehousing
  • Systems architect / iSeries engineer providing technical and Data Center operations support for infrastructure and ERP / Supply chain applications upgrades.
  • Architected the applications and systems infrastructure current and future state technology roadmap for re-hosting / conversion of Distribution and Logistics applications onto Power systems iSeries (AS/400) with full HA/DR.  
  • Perform M&A technical infrastructure assessment, business systems analysis, systems integration. On-boarding process systems integration and project management.
  • Developed the cost-benefit analysis to support bringing EDI in-house for cost savings over an external service provider while delivering faster development and much more timely response to changing business requirements.  



Professional Services Consultant, Strategic IT Planning, Enterprise Systems Architect

Prime Therapeutics, June 2008 to November 2008

  • Project and product management, technical infrastructure assessment, strategic IT planning,
  • iSeries systems architect / engineer providing technical and data center operations support for pharmacy benefits and related services applications for healthcare benefit providers membership and M&A (Merger and Acquisition) client implementations.
  • Enterprise operations environment processes more than 8 million claims per month with service response times of less than .5 seconds per claim adjudication.

Note: Verified in the top 7% of claims processors in the industry by Per-Se. 

  • Managed multiple data center re-hosting / consolidation projects moving mission-critical business applications to newer servers / data centers / hybrid cloud with full HA/DR capability and new Shared Service Center / EOC (Enterprise Operations Center). Moves completed successfully and on time within the negotiated downtime window.
  • Translated enterprise business requirements into technical solutions for seamless private / hybrid cloud integration. Architected and refined the 3 year strategic technical roadmap for iSeries / AIX Power systems production and support services. Acquired 2009 detailed build plan and $5.6 million funding authorization. 


Professional Services Consultant, Strategic IT Planning, Systems Architecture / MES Analyst 

3M, HQ - IT International, June 2004 – June 2008

  • Enterprise operations environment supports 24 countries, 65 Business Units, 45% of 3M revenue.
  • iSeries Systems Architect for 3M IT International’s shared service center re-hosting projects and Level 3 iSeries / Websphere technical support across 3M’s global landscape.
  • Perform on-boarding site technical infrastructure assessment, manufacturing business systems analysis, operations, and datacenter consolidation options for management. Designed the systems infrastructure for business unit datacenter relocation / consolidations.
  • Worked with executive business management, manufacturing, and applications development teams translating business requirements into viable technical solutions. Advised executive team regarding suitable technical strategy options, relative risk analysis, and long term deployment cost estimates.
  • Managed multiple 24/7 global manufacturing site re-hosting projects moving entire mission-critical business unit and applications to the US corporate Shared Services Datacenters.
  • Managed MES (Camstar) manufacturing systems and operations systems integration for an acquisition of a custom hi-tech business unit covering 4 states and 5 manufacturing plants.


My Specialties

Business and IT Strategic Planning, Business Analyst, Enterprise Applications Development / DevOps, Solutions and Infrastructure Architect

Geographic Preferences:

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