Computer Programmer/ Analyst on IBM i/As400 RPGII - RPG Free / CPA

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Summary and Goals

I began my computer career programming on the IBM Midrange computers and have experience of all levels of RPG - from RPGII through RPG Free. I have expanded my knowledge to web development and additional languages. My strengths are versatility and the ability to jump into varied environments and catch on quickly.  I am interested in a contract and/or position where I can dive in and assist at whatever level is necessary.



  • RPG II/ III/ IV/ ILE/ Free - COBOL - DB2/ SQL/ Query/ OS/400/ CL/ CLP/ CLLE/ DB2/ IFS/ FTP - ASNA/ AVR/ VRPG/ ASNA Wings - C/ C#/ Java


  • HTML5/ CSS/ PHP/ WordPress/ MySQL/ ASP/ ASP.NET/ JavaScript/ jQuery/ phpMyAdmin


  • IBM i/ AS400/ iSeries -Visual Basic/ Microsoft Access - Visual Studio/ NetBeans - Websphere


Data Design Inc - Norman Oklahoma – 1978 to Present

  • Data Design Inc began as a part time venture for contract programming on IBM Midrange computers, and grew to a corporation that has how been in business for years.

  • Programming and consulting projects include the IBM Midrange including the IBM I (AS/400 / iSeries), web site development, data/media conversions, and other various projects.

  • Data Design has contracted with many industries over its history, from manufacturing to credit reporting and collections.

Projects and Accomplishments

1995 - 2017

Consult with law firm Brickell & Associates representing a class action mineral rights case.  (BOA v. EPNG) Accomplishments include:

  • Deciphering data from tapes which was in a very complicated format, to where even the data provider was shocked as to the information we could extract! 

  • Developed the website for the proposed settlement. Users are required to log in and are tracked as to what they view.

  • Wrote programs for management reports which allow case administrators to monitor web activity.

  • Platforms/languages include WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and MySQL.

    2016 - 2017

    Consultant for Lincoln Auto Insurance in Chicago, researching and coordinating projects which include:

  • Credit card processing, PCI compliance, interfaces with scanning, and IVR (integrated voice response).

  • Platforms/languages include IBM i (AS/400) C#, JSON.

    1979 - 2017

    NACM (National Association of Credit Management)

  • Developed software for IBM I (AS/400 / iSeries) from scratch, using all levels of RPG.

  • Applications written include credit reporting, industry trade groups, collection agency, legal reporting, membership and rosters, membership accounting, and general accounting.

  • Services for the membership providing online access through the internet. The member online system was written using ASNA’s AVR and Visual Basic.Online features include ordering and processing credit report, access collection information, and process data for industry trade groups.

  • At one point there were over 20 NACM affiliates across the United States using DDI software.

  • Handled IBM i support issues, including new system setup, research any system problems (which is rare after all the IBM i is very reliable) installing PTF's, and so forth.


1995 - 2017

Hutchinson Warren Collection Agency in Romeo Michigan services include:

  • Develop and maintain collection agency software using the IBM i (AS/400 / iSeries) platform.

  • Develop and maintain their websites, including online access for clients programmed using ASNA AVR.

  • Accounting – every month balance accounts and prepare their general ledger and financial statements.

2015 - 2016

Oklahoma Insurance Department special assignment:

  • Modernize IBM i legacy screens - using the ASNA Wings platform - for access using a windows browser.

  • Specifically, the screen DDS (data description specifications) were converted to the ASPX format in Visual Studio .net using the ASNA Wings product.

  • The platform to integrate the screens with the IBM i was RPG Open Access, which required the programs be written in RPGLE. Some programs were written in COBOL, rewrote them to RPGLE.

  • Quickly troubleshoot problems when the full-time IBM i programmer was off.

    2012 - 2017

ion Oklahoma Magazine

  • Support and maintain websites written in a WordPress custom theme using PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL.

  • Ion Oklahoma spearheaded an event, NextGenUnder30, to award Oklahoma's outstanding achievers under 30. Wrote the database programs using Microsoft Access to keep up with nominations and applications, and create reports for the judges.

My Specialties

RPG II/ III/ IV/ ILE/ Free/ - COBOL - IBM i/ AS400/ iSeries - DB2/ SQL/ Query/ WebSphere


C/ C# - HTML5/ CSS/ PHP/ WordPress/ MySQL/ ASP/ JavaScript/ jQuery/ phpMyAdmin - Visual Basic/ Microsoft Access - Visual Studio/ NetBeans

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Remote anywhere in USA
  2. located in Oklahoma the center of the US