AS/400 Administrator

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I started working on the platform in around 1984 with an AS/400 model B in the facility I was working and then I moved up to HQ and got to play on twin S/38s (model 400 and 200) and finally, I was in charge of all the remote iSeries.


My Specialties


Systems Analyst, West Coast

 2005 – Present 

Provided remote and on-site, Tier I-III level, 24x7 support for 200+ users at 7 Los Angeles and Ventura County facilities; assisted globally as needed.  Tracked incidents and requests in CA Service Desk Manager.  Partnered with corporate and global I.T. teams and facility management on problems, enhancements, migrations. Wrote analysis reports for corrections, enhancements and future requirement forecasts - evaluated solutions for issues created by continual business change and new business.  

  • Performed Windows and Office upgrades, including hardware upgrades and replacements, at multiple facilities.
  • Authored procedure manual for user migration and workstation imaging, adopted in North American region.
  • Redesigned access forms, enabling credential and portfolio access status tracking; accelerating user onboarding and decreasing account errors.  

·         Oversaw PowerPoint presentation shown on remote shop floor and office monitors, using VGA/Ethernet converters, displaying facility information (CAP-DO, 5S and dynamic production KPI levels) in real time.

  • Wrote user and diagnostic manuals for: thin client, RF barcode scanner, and railcar RFID terminals; increasing data integrity and productivity by 24% overall.  Decreased profile locks 85% by implementing barcode scanning for terminal sign-on.
  • Coordinated relocation of RF gateways increasing coverage from 30% to 100%; enabling terminal use throughout facility and increased data integrity by eliminating manual input.
  • Initiated fiber-optic cable project to connect remote security office to company LAN and enable access to VoIP network, application portfolio, and security CCTV network - ensuring facility security compliance per USCG.
  • Implemented batch scanner usage, eliminating $30K in additional RF hardware investments.


(a division of Nissan North America – acquired by WWL in 2005)

iSeries Administrator / Senior Systems Analyst / Systems Analyst                                                                           1996 – 2005

Served as sole Administrator and Security Officer for 25 IBM iSeries servers at HQ and 12 remote facilities located in US, Canada, and Mexico that ran in 24/7 production environment. Provided 24/7 on-call support; managing OS upgrades and PTF/CUM package installs, 3rd-party application maintenance, problem determination and resolution.


  • Served as major member of DAS to WWL transition team, coordinating multi-phase relocation of 8 iSeries from California to New Jersey
  • Trained and mentored 5-member onshore and offshore technical team, unfamiliar with IBM iSeries servers
  • Launched project to convert IBM 6400 printers to Ethernet when facility servers were consolidated in New Jersey
  • Led search for iSeries monitoring solution, purchasing and installing Icom/400 application on all systems, enabling increase in system up time to over 98% and decreasing system error wait time by 18%
  • Managed installation/configuration/support of Kronos Timekeeper for AS400 and 50 Kronos time clocks in North America, acting as 24/7 support person, decreasing need for additional personnel
  • Installed PKZip for OS/400 on 25 IBM iSeries systems, achieving reductions in backup and transmittal to Data Warehouse to under 2 hours



Geographic Preferences:

  1. Los Angeles county
  2. Orange county

Security Clearances:

  1. TWIC card