Armand Borick

RPG Programmer / Analyst

UNAVAILABLE   |   US   |   Posted on Jun 12, 2017

I am a highly experienced RPG programmer / analyst, with 25 years experience on the IBM i platform in all of it's various incarnations.

I am seeking full time employment in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

I have excellent user interface skills and can take a project from requirements planning to implementation,  roll out and user training.

I have all the system utilities skills, (SEU, DFU, SDA, Query/400, SQL), as well as basic COBOL.

I also have advanced skills in Microsoft Visual Basic 6, Macro Assembler, and basic C#.

My background is in Distribution, Retail, Payment systems.  I have also worked in Manufacturing.


My Specialties

RPG, RPG/400, ILE RPG/400, CL, ILE CL, Query/400, SQL, SEU, SDA, DFU, SQL, VB6, C#, COBOL/400

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Cleveland
  2. Oh