iSeries Snr Analyst

AVAILABLE   |   Recruiters OK   |   SG   |   Posted on Apr 11, 2017


Highly potential IT Analyst and IT Audit material. I’ve receive 7 awards in 8+ years of service in leading American bank. 4 Bronze awards and 3 Sliver awards was awarded due to my dedication, ideas, solutions, maintaining zero error environment.

I’ve continuously improving myself with knowledge attained from taking up courses and apply it in my working environment. I’d receive nominee of highest award in CSC – Chairman Award for my development, implementation and deployment of first Global Online Backup Tracking System for iSeries platform.

23 years of IT experience with at least 19 years on iSeries environment. 4 years of experience of SMART/400 in Administration & Development level in Insurance industry. Well versed in 30 plus iSeries products such as OMS/ ODS from Vision, Robot suite of products from Helpsystem, THENON, TURNOVER, Data3, JDE, SAP Basis, Powerlock from Powertech, Datamirror, MQ series, MIMIX as mentioned in the Skillset below.

Depth knowledge in Audit, IT Security, System Administration, Batch Operations, Engineering, Design & Build and Automation. Give authorities or sanction to new/existing users. Lead a project involve with CSC consultants in Security Level 40 upgrade.

Provide solution and resolved problems. Lead a SMART/400 upgrade project in line with AS/400 V5R1 level. Implemented and documented IT Security Policy for Prudential Assurance Company (S). Planned and documented Disaster Recovery Planning. Implemented and setup security procedure for AS/400 (iSeries) which save company costs.

Implemented IS Operations automation for AS/400 environment. Total Backup and operational automation. Automated Escalation and Alerts for problem notification system in AS/400 for ExxonMobil, Prudential, FJ Benjamin, Merck Sharp Dohme Inc. and CSC corp.

Initiate and implemented SLA reporting system (fully automated) for midrange server (iSeries). First of its kind for SLA reporting in CSC Corp for midrange server level. Initiate, plan and conduct full suite of Robot products and AS/400 training for our Regional Data Centre Team based in Singapore. Promoted to Regional AS400 Team Lead & Automation Team Lead within a year.

Developed one of its kind conversion tool for converting DB400 files to XML on the fly. It is currently being implemented in CSC Data centers. It is being used to monitor and analysis backup data globally for AS400 platform using web browser in real time.

Developing automated program monitoring tool for WCBT job table for AS400 platform in Merck Sharp Dohme Inc. This is to ensure that once the system resources are not being depleted at the last minute. Currently, this tool is not available in the any OS400 environment.

Awarded in 1995 for Excellent Service Medal and 2003 for Long Service Medal in the Singapore Armed Force (Army) Retired from Army in 2009.

My Specialties

Skill                                                                                         Years           Proficiency

AS/400 (OS & HW), IT Operations & Administration                      21               Advanced

CL Programming, Operational & Administration automation            19               Advanced

Lotus Domino, ROBOT suite, TAATOOL                                       8                 Advanced

Windows NT Server Administration                                              17                Advanced

Web Design (HTML & XML), Optical System, MessengerPlus,      10                Advanced

(VisuaInfo/400, CM/400, Ascent Capture Client), SSMF/400,         10                Advanced

DB2 & DBA administration, OMS/400, ODS/400                           10                Advanced

RPG/400, PowerLock/400, OnDemand/400, DataMirror/400           10                Advanced

SMART/400, RDARS/400, SQL, Query, WebSphere,                     10               Advanced

BRMS, DRP & Project Management, MessengerPlus                   10                Advanced

COBOL, API programming, V5R3, LPAR                                     10                Advanced

JDE World 7.3 admin, iSeries Server Consolidation                        5                Intermediate

MQ Series, RPGLE, CoBIT, ISO270001, V5R4                              5                Intermediate

Shell Scripts, LINUX, HP-Unix,  MIMIX, SAN technology.               5                Intermediate

Budgeting, Cost Modeling, V6R1, V7R1, ITIL, CISA, Linux            5                Intermediate

Geographic Preferences:

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. New Zealand
  4. Australia
  5. Europe