Sandeep Karadkar REQUEST RESUME

iSeries Operation/Administrator

AVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   AE   |   Posted on Mar 10, 2017

9+ years of IT experience as a System Support/Administrator including Installation Support.

Technical Course         Successfully completed the technical Course IBM AS400 Administrator conducted by GBM.

Certification                  ITIL V2000 Certified

Future learning           AWS Sysops Administration

  • iSeries system administration- change management ,Problem management

  • Handling Authorities: Object authority, combined authorities, Special authority

  • Designed a Disaster Recovery Plan in coordination with the staff of the company.

  • Primarily responsible for the maintenance and administration of iSeries servers, including message handling, command line utilities, work management, job and print control, security setup.

  • Implement and troubleshoot object level security related issues Security Management (User, Group, and Systems Security).

  • Using System Service Tool to manage Disk units, LPAR activity, other service tools user Ids

  • Periodically performing Reclaim Storage

  • Strong Working knowledge in OS/400 platforms including versions V5R4,V6R1 and V7R1

  • A good team player with ability to lead a team by example and motivate them to achieve desired objectives

  • Working on BRMS tools and

  • Performing IPL, Installing and applying PTFs

  • Operating system installation, Security, work management.

  • Strong Technical Skills in AS400 Servers and related peripherals. Knowledge of LPAR creation

  • To provide PAL/SAL logs and cache battery information to IBM via SST


  1. Migrated Core banking application to new server from V5R4 to V6R1 (Year 2010).
  2. Migrated to POWER7 core banking application from POWER5 (V5R4) to POWER7 (V6R1) for DR (2015).
  3. Migrated to POWER7 core banking application from POWER6 (V6R1) to POWER7 (V7R1) for Production (2017).



My Specialties

IBM -AS400

Geographic Preferences:

  1. 1.US 2. Canada 3. Australia