AS400 Developer

AVAILABLE   |   Contract   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Mar 08, 2017

I rose through the ranks in the AS400 by way of the S34/S38. Most of my 35 year careers has been spent as a contractor.  I have also worked with Mapics affiliates supporting Mapics clients.

As such, my background has been in manufacturing and distribution companies.  I have worked with various ERP packages including homegrown systems.  In short, I have worked in numerous environments and can bring unique perspectives to your project.

I live in western North Carolina near the South Carolina border (hour and a half west of Charlotte).  I have supported clients either on-site or remotely in NC, SC, GA, VA, TX, MA and CT.

My Specialties

RPG ILE, Free Programming

Mapics /  Infor XA



Geographic Preferences:

  1. Western North Carolina
  2. Upstate South Carolina
  3. remote work.