Tim Swearingen

System Architect

UNAVAILABLE   |   US   |   Posted on Mar 06, 2017

I work in the Auto Parts industry currently but have spent most of my career in Telecommunications.  I worked for a regional phone company supporting billing.  This company provided wireline and wireless services to Central Virginia.

I am a versatile programmer, proficient in web technologies along with a strong RPG skill set.  I've used JEE to build web services using a hybrid of Java and RPG.  I've also built web services using pure RPG/CGI coding methods.

I've been using RDI since WDSC 6.0.

My Specialties

RPG400, RPGILE, RPG Free, HTML, Web services, SQL, Java, J2EE, JEE


Geographic Preferences:

  1. Central Virginia or Eastern Virginia