Deepak Deshpande REQUEST RESUME

IBMi Consultant (Contract or Permanent)

AVAILABLE   |   Recruiters OK   |   IN   |   Posted on Mar 05, 2017

I am an IBMi (AS/400, iSeries) consultant with 18 years experience on this platform. I have also worked on Web-enabling B2B portal with backend on IBMi using SQL procedures & Java/Javascript.

I have worked mainly in Wholesale, Retail, Distribution, Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing etc. but I also have enough experience in Banking, Manufacturing, Sales & After-sales Service domains.

I have held multiple positions such Programmer, Analyst, Project Leader, Onsite Coordinator, Project Manager, Account Manager etc.

Outside India, I have worked in USA (6 years) & Stockholm (2 months) & Oslo (2 months). I am open for direct employment, contracting or any other mode.

My Specialties

  1. RPG (RPG/400, RPG/IV, /free format RPG)
  2. Cobol
  3. CL/400 & CLLE
  4. SQL/40, Query/400, SDA, RLU, PDM, SQL procedures etc
  5. Web-enabling IBMi systems using Java, Java script, sql procedures etc.
  6. Basic knowledge of ACMS (Aldon Change Management System) & SYNON

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Western or Northern Europe