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IBM Power Systems Administrator, Legacy, JDE, SAP

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I’m a collaborative problem solver with extensive years of IT Infrastructure management for retail warehouse Operations and Incident resolution within the SLA expectations. Consistently provided solutions for corporate clients, retail service teams and executive management.

Supported user community, retail operations team, SAP & JDE development staff in directing the resolution and remediation of problems and issues related to the maintenance and support of all enterprise business applications.

Ensured service delivery support issues: client applications, client printing, configuration and OS update issues. Assisted QA development teams with business requirements for complex, JDA, SAP, JDE large scale IBM database environments during highly visible migration and upgrade initiatives.  

My Specialties

Email: Mobil: 561 889 1511   


Experienced IT Professional


With a proven track record in providing superior levels of service and availability to distributed users of technology. Directed IT infrastructure relocations and consolidation for a large scale Retail environments. Ensure IT operational SLA’s are achieved and management expectations are met and or exceeded. Reported directly to IT management, CIO and corporate executive stakeholders.


Core Competencies:

- Strategic Planning & Execution     

- Business Process Management                   

- Change Management

- Incident Management                    

  - Systems Implementation & Development   

- Vendor Management

- Data Center Migration                     

- Process Improvement/Documentation         

- IBM I Power Systems                       


Professional Experience


TBC Corporation, Palm Beach Gardens, FL                                                       2013 – 2016 IT Operations Center (NOC) Lead Analyst Juno Beach, FL (IT infrastructure Service Operations and Incident Management team. Service Desk Tier L2 & L3 – Remote Retail Operations Support and Delivery for entire Enterprise 868 Retail Stores, 6 Warehouses and 2 Corporate Infrastructure sites).

  • Enterprise support for all Retail Operations, (Tire Kingdom, NTB, Merchants, Midas, and Big O Tires).
  • Incident manager, update and remediate open/close tickets in LANDesk pertaining to store operations.
  • Provided server, application, network, software, and Cisco IP phone support for corporate users.
  • Support user community, Retail Services team, and all technical staff in directing the resolution and remediation of problems/issues related to the maintenance and support of Retail business applications.
  • Service Delivery issues: client applications, client printing, configuration and Windows 7 OS update issues.  
  • Monitoring applications: CA ADA, CA Wiley, CCSS Monitor, and Orion Solar winds Operations View II.
  • Performance Monitoring, Power Systems Data Analysis and Performance Metrics, SAP ECC workload Performance tuning and bench marking for new POS customer database deployed throughout enterprise.
  • Guide QA development teams with requirements definitions, SDLC processes for retail POS deployment.
  • Change management for retail operations approval for network, SOA layer, SAP and Server changes.
  • Midas Acquisition, migrate JDA franchise stores over to existing SAP ECC database. 2 year project.
  • Use Aldon to promote new code updates for old Legacy JDE and warehouse application ASW, Midas JDA.  
  • Backup and Recovery for IBM Power systems, SAN DS8K, EMC data domain, recovery of production data.
  • EMC2 Data Domain System Manager Administration, multiple DD network environments, backup/restores.
  • Proficient using Quantivate a web-based Governance, Risk, and Compliance business continuity tool.   
  • TBC Business Continuity Board. Quarterly meetings with executive management regarding DR strategy.
  • IBM Power systems administration, Mimix and Vision ITERA data replication administration – 6 nodes.
  • LPAR security assistance, enable users, update group profiles, IFS folder permissions, authorization lists.
  • Power 7 configurations using HMC, PTF – Technology Refresh updates, OS upgrades to V7r1 and V7r2.




TBC Corporation, Palm Beach Gardens, FL                                             2010 – 2013

Data Center Manager, 4 locations: Palm Beach, Memphis, Chicago and co-location Peak 10, Norcross. (Data Center Management: responsible for all Data Center infrastructure services at TBC and subsidiary companies).

  • Schedule environmental maintenance events for Eaton UPS, ArctiChill, and Stulz and Liebert CRAC units.
  • Data Center relocation from Juno to Palm Beach, Memphis to Norcross GA. Design, Build, Certification.
  • Server migration from Chicago to Peak 10 Norcross GA. Consolidate and close data center in Itasca.
  • Coordinate Server Migration from Memphis DC to Peak 10 -2011. Consolidate and close Memphis DC.
  • Capacity planning, Rack and Power management, that all fall within responsibility of Delivery Operations.
  • Review and approve appropriate changes made with the Data Center that affects production infrastructure.
  • Data Center infrastructure monitoring ensure proper power, cooling, cabling and cabinet, rack management. 
  • Lead the effort with change management team regarding redundant methodology needed for DR strategy.
  • Yearly Disaster Recovery failover planning and test to co - location in Peak 10 Norcross, GA. Project Lead security risk assessments to ensure compliance with corporate security policies and adherence to best practices during the Disaster Recovery testing. Report findings and update executive stakeholders. 
  • Review on a continual basis the department procedures, staffing and equipment for maximum efficiency while controlling costs. 1 direct report: Data Center Operator, Palm Beach Gardens (Data Center).
  • Project lead construction and/or maintenance activities performed by third party vendors – on site.
  • Working knowledge and experience with ITIL, COBIT, NIST 800-53, OWASP, SSAE16 SOC 1 2, ISO
  • Weekly Change management meeting, review and approve added changes that affect retail operations.
  • 24/7 on call Support to IT management, Facility Operations and executive stakeholders.


TBC Corporation, Palm Beach Gardens, FL Memphis, TN

IBM iSeries Power Systems Administrator, Legacy, JDE, SAP (32 Power 780+ LPARS)   2007 – 2010

  • ISeries administration for  2 780+11TB IBM Databases, 9179 system 16 SAP partitions 8 OS V7r2 8 9117 Development/QA environment 8 OS V7r2 – 3 Power 6 OS V5r4 JDE Legacy, ASW warehouse, JDA Midas.
  • Co-location: Power 9179 has 14 SAP partitions 10 V7r2 – 4 Power 6 OS V5r4 Data replication DR systems.
  • Administration for 2 IBM SAN systems DS8K serving disks for SAP database 1 DS8K in Palm Beach the other in Co- location Peak 10 Atlanta.  Both Power systems connected to 2 IBM SAN DS8K Global mirror.
  • System performance tuning using MPG Performance Tools for iSeries, planning, capacity management.
  • Proficient using ISeries Navigator to monitor activity and IFS folder and directory creation/deletion.
  • JD Edwards point of sale application version A7.3 support legacy production and test environment for 5 flagships Tire Kingdom, Merchants, National Tire and Battery, Big O and Carroll Tire warehouse.
  • PTF management, cumulative, group and hipers including technology refresh and scheduled OS upgrades for 16 partitions that are approved by management using scheduled production maintenance windows.
  • Partition security on HMC, enable user profiles, grant access to IFS folder structures, object level authority.
  • Vision High Availability software ITERA Echo2 version 6.0 installation, configuration and Administration. Use one to many software for server migration SAP and JDE POS over to new Data Center.
  • I 570 HMC to allocate/move memory and processor using dynamic logical partitioning functionality
  • BRMS control group configuration, add backup and restore policies attached EMC Data Domain.  
  • Update and maintain IBM TS3310 tape library system in Juno and Memphis data center before EMC DD.
  • Install Retail invoice printing management application Mapping Suite, installation, and administration.
  • Assist with SAP kernel upgrades and configuration for development and production iSeries systems.
  • Using SAP transport system for new code updates to QA and development instances.
  • Proficient in starting and shutting down SAP instances in an iSeries multiple partition environment.
  • Setup network configuration of all Ethernet, TCP/IP interfaces and SNA connections.
  • Advance setup and configuration on Messenger plus Bytware system alerting application.



APPLIED CARD SYSTEMS, Boca Raton, FL                                                2001 – 2007

Manager of Systems Operations, Boca Raton, FL (AS/400 Administration, Data Center Management)

  • System Management, this includes: purchasing equipment and software. Configuring hardware, setting up problem-handling processes, storage and network management, incident hardware management.
  • Data warehouse/650, Management partition/840, Production/840, Development/840, test environment/S20. LPAR I550 V5r3
  • Manage four system operators plus two Data Centers, Boca Raton, FL and Glen Mills, PA.
  • Data Center infrastructure monitoring ensure proper power, cooling, and cabling, rack management. 
  • Monitor vendors’ access to the data center plus server installations and appliances follow guidelines.
  • Review and approve weekly high impact change controls. Promoting Turnover program change forms
  • Administrative managerial task, new hire interviews and yearly performance evaluations, new projects.
  • Plan and assist IBM with the install of a new 9406 840 iSeries AS/400 and “disk reinstall project" for all 221, 6717/3185 8gig disk drives
  • System Security yearly review responsibilities advise and recommend improved policies using PentaSafe.
  • Create, add, delete profiles, and add authority lists, object level authority, library access, and ODBC access.
  • HMC administration, which includes backup critical data and version upgrades.
  • Use the SAP transport mechanism for updating new code level for SAP testing, development and ECC.
  • PTF management, cumulative, group and Hiper, APAR review and load and applies quarterly.
  • BRMS control group configuration, add backup and restore policies for all three partitions
  • Maintain IBM BR3494 tape library systems, which include four 3590E fiber tape drives
  • Data Mirror product configuration and support administrator (I cluster 2.2 ) multiple node replication.
  • Assisted OS400 v54r, v5r1, v5r2 and v5r3 upgrades on all partitions with business partner team.
  • Resolve Hardware/Software problems. This includes AS/400, BR3494 PC, 3590 tape drives
  • Planning and installation of all third party software:  Connect: direct, Mimix, Data Mirror Pentasafe, Acom, Taatools, Gumbo, and Turnover.  Extensive Connect: direct OS/400 experience
  • Setup configuration of all Ethernet, TCP/IP and SNA connections for all systems
  • Plan, designed and executed procedures for disaster recovery on all IBM systems
  • Implemented 4 Emergency Disaster Recovery plans for 4 in coming tropical cyclones in 2004/05.
  • Weekly rotation on call support for both sites.



Prior Professional Experience


INTERLOOP INC., Hollywood, FL                                                                                                   2000 – 2001

Technical Lead Analyst, Data Center Management.


PRIMUS TELECOMMUNICATIONS, Ft. Lauderdale, FL                                                           1996 – 2000

System Applications Analyst, AS/400 Server Infrastructure Management


CITY FURNITURE, INC., Sunrise, FL                                                                                             1994 – 1996

System Operator - IBM AS400 Legacy system



Geographic Preferences:

  1. South Eastern United States

Security Clearances:

  1. none