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AVAILABLE   |   Contract   |   Remote Only   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Mar 02, 2017

More than 40 years programming and application development experience. As well as an extreme knowledge of RPG/COBOL for the ISeries I am also one of the nations leading designers/coders using the ASNA Visual Studio tool set allowing full windows and web development (equal to VB and C#) but using the RPG syntax. ASNA is a fully supported Microsoft VS language plug in.


·     Proficient in: RPG (all levels) , Microsoft Visual Basic and ASNA Visual RPG plus VS 2010-2012

·     Familiar with: COBOL, Assembler, Access, Neat III, Maltic, PL1, Others


·     Database: Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access and IBM DB2 and ASNA Datagate

·     Platforms: Microsoft Windows® 2012, Microsoft Windows XP , AS400 (ISeries) , Windows 2008 Server , Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8

My Specialties

Project Management.
Market and Product Analysis.
Business Development.
Industry and Competitor Analysis.

Main specialties involve using the ISeries DB2 as database and writing windows and web applications around it. Either via SQL or straight up RPG access

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Tele-commute