John Rockwell

Systems Analyst

UNAVAILABLE   |   Contract   |   US   |   Posted on Feb 28, 2017

My Specialties

Software Experience: Custom programming in the various iterations of RPG (RPG III, RPG

                                  IV, ILE RPG, RPG/Free), Query, FTP, SQL (both embedded in RPG

                                  programs and the STRSQL interactive version), change management

                                  systems (Aldon, Turnover, MDM), several ERP systems (Mac-Pac, JDE

                                  World 7.3, PRMS 8.2, Movex 11.4), and Microsoft Office Products

                                  (Word, Excel, limited experience with Visio and Access).  I’ve also

                                  worked with the TLAshford bar code label system, Optimum Solutions

                                  Payroll/Time and Attendance system, Hawkeye, DBFlex, SpoolFlex and

                                  the Vertex tax programs.


Hardware Experience: The IBM AS/400 and all of its descendants, PC’s, scanners and



Geographic Preferences:

  1. Florida