Anoop Edakkandy Kelappan REQUEST RESUME

IBMi/RPG developer

AVAILABLE   |   Contract   |   Remote Only   |   GB   |   Posted on Mar 09, 2023

My name is Anoop EK. I am a Software professional over 14.5 years of experience into software development and user support, specializing in AS400 applications with major clients like IBS(SWEDEN), LVSC(USA), EMKE(DUBAI), DHL(DUBAI), and SONY (Various Divisions) with strong exposure to skills like RPGLE, CLLE, COBOL/400, and ILE CONCEPTS. I have worked in Warehouse Management System, Casino Gaming, Logistics, Repair parts, and Supply Chain service sectors.

My Specialties

Skills & Technologies:

  1. Applications and Languages                 : AS/400 Applications and RPGLE, CLLE, COBOL/400, SQLRPGLE
  2. Databases/RDBMS                                 : DB2/400, Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  3. Hardware                                                : IBM AS/400
  4. IBMi Development Tools                     : PDM, SDA, DFU, SEU, RLU, SQL/400, WRKQRY, QMQRY, RXS
  5. Version control tools                             : ALDON, TURN OVER, DEVELOPMENT MANAGER
  6. Software / Tools                                    : JWALK, XT, ADOBE JETFORM, XSLfast, ZPL II, IBM MQ
  7. Operating Systems                               : OS/400, WINDOWS
  8. Data Analysis                                         : SQL, Python

Geographic Preferences:

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