Senior Analyst/Programmer/Assoc Professor

AVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   Contract   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Jun 07, 2022

I have worked on the AS/400 iSeries since 1991.  I have extensive knowledge in Synon/Cool 2E/CA 2E/Advantage 2E and Lansa (for the web and Visual Lansa).  Proficient in CL, SQL, COBOL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Advanced Excel/Power Query/Power BI and BI Edge, Communication to large and small audiences, teaching experience at a university level, some experience with Python and RPG.  Experience with QA sytem and unit testing (end to end) and documentation (writing and reviewing) as well.

I have experience in the insurance, telecommunications and retirement system areas.  I have worked in the retirement system area for the past 23 years.

My Specialties

iSeries - Synon, Lansa, CL, COBOL, SQL, Power BI/Advanced Excel/Power Query/BI Edge, Communication to small and large audiences, some Python, HTML, Javascript, CSS.  QA system and unit testing (end to end).  Also documentation (writing and reviewing)  Teaching experience at the university and adult learners.

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Remote
  2. willing to relocate depending on the situation.