Programmer Analyst

AVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   Contract   |   Remote Only   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Feb 21, 2022


  • Innovative, solutions-driven Programmer Analyst experienced on multi-platform environments. 
  • Proactive problem solver, applying experience and sound judgment to anticipate problems and implement appropriate solutions.
  • Aggressively tackle every task with a positive attitude and a sense of urgency.  Consistently deliver mission-critical projects on schedule and within budget .
  • Frequently received accolades from management, peers and internal customers for consistently delivering quality work and streamlining outdated cumbersome processes in order to increase customer productivity.
  • Adaptable to diverse work environments and personalities.



LANGUAGES:                        COBOL/COBOL II, SQL, AS/400 CL Programming Language, VSAM

DATABASES:                          DB2, Microsoft SQL Server 2014

OS:                                          OS/400, MVA/ESA, MVS/XA, ISPF/TSO,  various versions  of Microsoft Windows

HARDWARE:                         AS/400, IBM 3390,  various models  of  desktop and laptop computers and network servers

TOOLS:                                   TAATool, Gumbo, FileAid, TWS Scheduler, FTP, PGP, VPN, CA7, Telnet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams,


NETWORKS:                          Microsoft, SNA, TCP/IP

APPLICATIONS:                    TERMS ERP for District Schools, Customer/1 (Utilities Industry),  Retail/POS Data Warehouse, 

Health Insurance, Payment Card Industry GMAS                

OFFICE SUITES:                       Microsoft Office various versions, Google Application Suite



GLOBAL PAYMENTS, Atlanta, GA; 11/2021 – Present

Technology:          COBOL/COBOL II, DB2, SQL, IBM JCL and Utilities, VSAM, CICS, Endeavor, Google Application Suite

Senior Software Engineer responsible for assisting the General Merchant Accounting System Application North American Development team with the design, coding, testing (unit and model), implementation and post implementation defect resolution support for the GMAS Application mainframe platform COBOL/COBOL II/DB2 programs and jobs.


PINELLAS COUNTY SCHOOLS, Largo, FL; 05/2021 – 06/2021  (Contract Service Employee);                          

                                                                         05/2014 – 04/2021  (Full-time employee)

Technology:          COBOL/COBOL II, SQL, AS/400 SQL, Gumbo, TAATool, Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Programmer Analyst responsible for assisting District's Core Application Systems Technology team with new development work design, coding, testing (unit and system), implementation and post implementation defect resolution support for the TERMS ERP Human Resource, Payroll, Risk (Benefits), Cost Report, Finance/Warehouse Inventory and Staff Personal Development applications.


Served as Project lead for the following multi-platform (AS/400, Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse and Reporting Service) application built processes:  IRS Affordable Care Act 1094C/1095-C, W-2, and 1099-MISC/1099-NEC  Forms, Aetna/Humana/Limeade Benefits vendor feeds and Cost Report 

  • Designed and implemented the District's IRS Affordable Care Act 1094C/1095-C application within budget and requiring <1% need for rework.  Received accolades from the District's Risk(Benefits) Department Head for the application having one of the lowest incidence of IRS fines and errors among the Florida Districts.
  • Designed and Implemented District's W-2 and 1099-MISC/1099-NEC form processes to be more automated and streamlined, saving the Payroll and Accounting Department customers on both several man hours and incidence of human error.
  • Designed and developed Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse stored procedures for both the District's Aetna Health Insurance and Limeade Wellness Benefit Eligibility external vendor files with having very little prior exposure to working on a SQL Server platform.  Both required very little post-implementation rework.
  • Developed and maintained both AS/400 platform SQLSRC programs and Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse stored procedures to create file extracts and update/delete database table data for varying sized tables.
  • Developed ad hoc SQL queries on both the AS/400 platform and Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse to assist in production problem research and error resolution.


TYLER NET, INCORPORATED, Clearwater, FL; 11/2012 – 01/2014

Technology:          Convergence (company's proprietary software language)

Programmer Analyst responsible for assisting company's small programming team with both converting non-GUI based retail industry programs to GUI based and developing new GUI based programs for upcoming company retail software release.


TECH USA CORPORATION (Contract Firm), Tampa, FL; 12/2011 – 11/2012

Client:                    Health Plan Services, Inc., Tampa, FL

Technology:          DB2, COBOL/COBOL II, CICS, IBM JCL and Utilities, VSAM

Cobol Contract Programmer responsible for assisting client’s Billing Application Team with new development work design, coding, testing (unit and system), implementation and post implementation defect resolution support.


NOISE CONSULTING GROUP, INC. (Contract Firm), Tampa, FL; 09/2011 – 12/2011

Client:                    National Grid, Rochester, NY

Technology:          DB2, COBOL/COBOL II, CICS, Customer/1, IBM JCL and Utilities, VSAM

Contract Programmer Analyst responsible for assisting client’s Customer/1 Project Reporting Team with analysis, design and development of new Billing and Financial mainframe ad hoc reports,  Cobol DB2 programs and JCL/Utilities.


PROGRESS ENERGY CORPORATION, St. Petersburg, FL; 07/2006 – 09/2011

Technology:          DB2, COBOL/COBOL II, SAS, Perl, CICS, PGP, VPN, TWS, SQL, IBM JCL/UTILITIES, VSAM      

I/T Analyst:  Responsible for 24x7 primary support of both the Customer/1 Florida Cash Payment System and Standby Generation Billing Application.

  • Developed, tested (unit, system, user acceptance) and implemented programs/scripts and ad hoc reports on multi-platform environment in both production maintenance and development modes with <1% need for rework.
  • Interfaced with external vendors to support the multitude of VPN and PGP encrypted payment file transmissions transpiring between both organizations.  Frequently, prevented problems from occurring as a result of proactive efforts, preventing the need for colleagues to repeatedly expend up to several man hours to correct erroneous transactions.
  • Relied upon as the FTP and TWS Scheduling guru for the Florida Customer group for incident issues, server upgrades, etc.  Coordinated large application effort to migrate from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 platform on both production and development servers.
  • Developed and maintained COBOL programs with embedded DB2 cursor logic to insert, delete and update DB2 database table records.
  • Developed ad hoc DB2 database SQL queries to assist in production problem error research and resolution.