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Worked as developer for over 30 years for large and small companies. Spent 5 years at Infosys assisting on developing for multiple fortune 500 companies creating the link up and data updates to and from Iseries to websites, assisting in migrating data from JDE World for EnterpriseOne, integrating muliple 3rd party software packages with JDE World for distribution, sales order processing, purchasing, and accounting. Spent 25 years integrating warehousing system with JDE World for manufacturing company. This included installing and integrating Pick To Light Software system, wireless equipment and programs for handheld devices for warehouse and inventory operations, integration of automating internal raw material ordering processes, receiving and shipping materials/finished goods, QC processing, putaway and pulling processes. These processes/systems were all integrated into JDE World saving many thousands of hours of time and dollars.

My Specialties

JD Edwards World 7.3, 8.1, 9.3 Migrating data from JDE World to EnterpriseOne, Websphere data exchange to Iseries, Message Queue, Pick to LIght, TrustedLink EDI Integration with Iseries, Mark Magic Labeling Software integration to Iseries, Wireless connections utilizing multiple models of Radio Frequency equipment.