Maximo Martinez REQUEST RESUME

Systems Programmer Analyst

AVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   Contract   |   Remote Only   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Jan 27, 2021

Software Developer with Over 18 years of progressive experience in Data Processing.  Proficient analyzing and programming computer applications in industries like Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Consulting, Construction, Refinery and Software Business, and Transportation.

Experience with IBM iSeries, AS400, Db2, programming in RPGIV, RPGLE, RPG Free, CL, SEU, SDA, Query, embedded SQL, DBU, RLU, DFU, IFS, ODBC, iSeries Navigator.

Proficient in Microsoft Office 365 using Word, Excel, PowerPoint OneNote OneDrive Outlook.

Proficient with IBM RDi Editor, Client Access Solutions, Web Query, Cognos, LPEX Editor.

Knowledge with SOAP, RESTful API.

Knowledge in Cybersecurity and Security+.

Knowledge with SCRUM, AGILE, ETL, SDLC, ISO900.

Proficient in Spanish 100% writing, reading, speaking.

My Specialties

RPG ILE RPG IV RPG Free                  RESTful API

Microsoft 365                                          IBM HATS                                                        

EDI Extol                                                IBM CL, CLLE                                                               

Fresche Solutions using Presto              IBM AS400

IBM Rational I RDi                                  Agile Methodology

XML and SOAP                                      Project Management PMP

SQL                                                        Web Query

DBU                                                       ISO 9000

Profound UI                                           IBM COGNOS

COBOL                                                 Lotus Notes

Db2                                                      SDLC

Crystal Reports                                    Cybersecurity

Scrum Methodology                            ETL Methodology

Geographic Preferences:

  1. Texas

Security Clearances:

  1. No for now but Open to get it.