IT Consultant

AVAILABLE   |   Permanent   |   Contract   |   Recruiters OK   |   US   |   Posted on Nov 04, 2020

  • 35+ Years IT Experience
  • Applications Infrastructure Integrations Specialist
  • Serves as IT General Contractor role
  • Specializes in Technology Transformations
  • Proven $MONEY-SAVING$ track record
  • Managed & Worked Full SDLC Development & Project Management
  • Managed Multiple Concurrent Projects, Employees, Customer Staffs, & Vendors for SMB Clients and Customers.
  • Strong Consulting and Managed Services Experience and Background
  • Managed Remote Staff, Remote Vendors, and Off-Shore Developers & Resources.
  • Managed Multiple Budgets of Time, Money, and Resources for Multiple Concurrent Projects for Multiple Clients.
  • Managed Full Development & Implementation of Documents & Documentation including SOWs, Work Breakdown Structures, Change Requests, Project Change Requests, Proof-Of-Concepts, RFP’s, RFP Responses, Estimates & Estimation, Proposals & Project Proposals, etc.
  • Strong Communications, Coordination, and Collaborations skillsets across diverse Business & Technical Teams.   Strong Team Player.
  • Strong Organizational, Management, and Delegations skillsets – Familiar with developing and implementing Checklists and Protocols for use by other Business and Technical Staffs working at a wide variety of Technical Expertise Levels.
  • Strong Documentation and Diagramming skillsets.
  • Managed the Automation, Choreography, and Monitoring of Complex Technical Processes, Protocols, & Procedures. 
  • Encapsulated Complex Process Automation Choreography into simple Commands & simple Menu Options for Non-Technical Business and Low-Level Operational Technical Staffs. 
  • Multiple Software Development Languages – COBOL (68, 74, 85), SQL, CLP, JCL, LANSA 4GL (RDML & RDML-X), PROGRESS 4GL, RPG & RPGLE – all versions, HTML versions, XML/XSL, JavaScript,
  • Multiple Hardware / OS Platforms – IBM & Honeywell Mainframes, IBM Midrange’s (i-Series), Unix Servers, Linux Servers, Windows Desktops, Windows Servers, 
  • Multiple Roles – Developer, Analyst, Technical Support Lead Specialist, Systems Administration, Network Administration, Applications InfraStructure Integration Specialist, Team Leader, Virtual CIO, Technical Project Lead, Technical Project General Contractor.
  • Specializations - Virtualization Specialist ( i-Series, VMWare, ESX, Virtual-Box, etc. ); SSL & Digital Certificate Specialist; IBM i-Series Specialist; IBM i-Series Upgrades & Migrations Specialist; Applications Package Support Specialist;  Platform Migrations Specialist; Firewall Specialist; Journaling, Commitment-Control & Rollback Specialist;
  • 25+ Years of IT Web Development & Integrations Experience –Basic Web, WAMS, Web-Services, etc.
  • Strong Networking, TCP/IP, & Active Directory Experiences & skillsets with very large array of networking protocols
  • Multiple Network Hardware Platforms – Firewalls, Switches, Routers, Hubs, RAS Servers, Virtualization Servers, UPS & Powers Supplies, KVM’s, Familiarity with LANS, MANS, WANS, VLANS, and Internet,
  • Heavy Data Center Organizational & Transformational Experience and Expertise – Racks, Switches, Routers, Hubs, Servers, Tape & Optical Drives, Device Virtualization & Sharing, UPS & Power Supplies,  Redundant Powers Configurations, Redundant Communications Configurations,
  • Strong Expertise in converting Manual Processes into Highly Automated Processes
  • Strong Experience & Expertise in EDI, GDSN, and EDI-INT Communications
  • Strong Expertise in Bar-Code Printing & Scanning
  • Exceptional Track Record of Project Successful completions and Implementations (> 95%)
  • Exceptional Track Record of Organizational Cost Savings through the Automation of Manual Processes
  • Exceptional Strong History of successful Pilot & Proof-Of-Concept Projects
  • Strong ERP Integrations & Bridging Experience and Expertise – Lawson, Software2000, JDE, BAAN, SAP, HarrisData, Informatica, SalesForce SFDC, etc.
  • Strong API & Integrations Experiences and Expertise
  • Extensive Expertise in the Administration and Management of HTTP Servers & Applications Servers
  • Expertise in a wide variety of Mainframe, MidRange, and Networking Utilities
  • Strong and Proven Deductive & Inductive Reasoning & Trouble-Shooting skillsets
  • Strong Email Server Administration & Support Experiences and Expertise
  • Proven abilities to define and implement and communicate Technical Standards
  • Strong RDBMS DataBase & Hierarchical Database Administration & Management Experience and Expertise across multiple platforms (DB2, DB2/400, MySQL, SQL-Server, Sybase SQL, IDS-I & IDS-II, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge and familiarity in creating Data Warehouses and Implementing Data Mining and EIS online, web, and reporting systems
  • Strong Familiarity with Cloud Services, Configurations, and Implementations
  • Strong familiarity with managing and implementation of Security Protocols, Services, and Managed Services.
  • Strong Experiences with the Management and Administration of Wireless WAPS and Wireless Networking Services.
  • Strong Experiences with the Management, Administration & Implementation usage of Middleware (e.g. - MQ-Series) & Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) [e.g. - TIBCO] Tools and Services to connect diverse platforms and applications.
  • Strong Expertise and Experiences with a wide Variety for generalized Printers and Copiers.
  • Strong Experiences and Expertise in Specialized Printing such as Bar-Codes, Labels, and Forms Overlays.
  • Extensive Strong Experiences with Remote Server Management and Administration.
  • Extensive Strong Experiences and Expertise with Securities, Authorities, and Security Policy Implementations
  • Extensive Experiences as a White-Hat Systems & Network Administrator combating malware, hackers, network and server intrusions.
  • Strong Backups, Restores, Recoveries and Disaster Recovery Experiences and Expertise.
  • Extensive Strong Experience with Mirroring, RAID, & Role-Swapping hardware and software requirements and implementations.
  • Strong Familiarity with Platform OS and Software Licensing Issues and Options
  • Strong Experiences and Expertise with Hosted Data Centers and DRP Hot Sites
  • Extensive Experience conducting and reporting on Client Technical Audits.
  • Strong Experience reporting to Senior Executive C-Level Staff on Statuses, Issues, Progress, and Plans.
  • Extensive Experience and many Great Successes with Choreographing very large & complex Technical Projects, Implementations, Server Migrations and Data Center Migrations
  • Strong Experiences & Expertise in Hosting and Managing Hosted ASP Server Services for Large Client Bases (multiple instances of 100+ Clients for an ASP Implementation)
  • Strong Experiences & Expertise in Credit Card Processing Applications and Integrations
  • Strong Experiences & Expertise in Banking LockBox Processing & Banking ACH Processing & Integration for Non-financial organizations


My Specialties

COBOL, LANSA, RPG,  IBM-i, AS/400, JCL, CLP, SQL, XML, HTML, Systems-Administration, Network-Administration, VMware-Technologies, JIRA, Citrix-Technologies, Cisco-Technologies, Microsoft-Technologies, Firewall-Administration, SSL, Digital-Certificates, Linux, Server-Installations, Server-Upgrades, Server-Migrations, Project-Management, Web-Applications-Development, Web-Services-Development, XML-Applications-Development, Technical-Troubleshooting, Technical-Documentation, Portals, Cloud-Enablement, Email-Server-Management, Technical-Team-Leadership, Requirements-Analysis, Project-Planning, Change-Management-Administration

Collaborative, Communicative, Team Player, Innovative, Gritty, Pragmatic, Purposeful, Positive, Mentor & Student, Automation Proponent, IT General Contractor, Capable, Competent, Cooperative, Documentation Proponent, Disaster Recovery Expertise, Monitoring Proponent, Applications Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Networking Architect, Extensive Consulting Experience with a Myriad Variety of Clients, Senior Applications Developer, SSL & Digital Certificate Expertise, Applications Infrastructure Integrations Specialist, Server Systems Installations, Server Systems Upgrades, Server Systems Migrations, Extensive Experience with Implementation of Alpha-Beta Software & Systems, Extensive Technology Vendor Collaborative Experiences, Extensive Middleware & Enterprise Service Bus Experience,  Extensive Virtualization Experience, Extensive Project Lifecycle & Project Management Experience.

Geographic Preferences:

  1. TN

Security Clearances:

  1. None. But US CITIZEN and Eligible to Obtain.